4 Reasons for Failed Generation of JAMB 10-Digit Profile Code
See Four (4) Reasons for Unsuccessful or Failed Generation of Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board (JAMB) 10-Digit Profile Codes and Solutions to Get JAMB Profile Codes Instantly.

Following the increased rate in the number of unsuccessful generation of the JAMB 10-Digit profile codes, the Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board (JAMB) has published the top reasons why candidates were unable to generate their profile codes successfully to enable them proceed with the 2023 Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examination registration exercise.

4 Reasons for Unsuccessful Generation of JAMB 10-Digit Profile Codes & Solutions.

JAMB had earlier received complaints especially from parents of candidates who had tried to register their children and wards but had been unsuccessful.

Below are Some of the Top Reasons why Parents / Candidates receives errors:

1. Candidates Having Insufficient Airtime before sending NIN then space and their 11 digit NIN number.

2. Making Simple Mistakes: Most candidates makes the mistake of sending ‘NIN’ with no space before typing the actual number, Some type without spacing, some include comas and even hyphen.

3. Sending Messages to 55019 OR 66019 with Multiple Phone Numbers: Some of the candidates didn’t know that after you have send the code with a number at first then the number would be registered so if he or she attempts another number it won’t go unless they resolve the issues with the number and then attempt again with the registered number then the Pin will be generated for the registration process.

4. Parents / Guardians Mistakes: Some parents were also accused by JAMB of causing some of the problems by not allowing the candidates to register by themselves, many parents who input the wrong data on behalf of their ward also claimed the process was not working, while on the contrary candidates were registering successfully on daily basis.

Solutions for Failed Generation of JAMB 10-Digit Profile Code

JAMB has noticed that most Service providers had, however, continued to extort candidates by deducting N50 SMS charges at each trial to generate a profile without a positive response.

Parents are being extorted when sending requests unsuccessfully and at the end, nothing comes or is delayed by the network, and yet, N50 is being charged and deducted.

You must note that these charges do not come to JAMB but to the service providers.

JAMB has therefore urged all candidates affected to go back and ensure that where a service is not fully rendered and charges were deducted, candidates should demand a refund from the service providers and such monies should be refunded to the candidates.

JAMB does not have the capacity to enforce this refund or monitor compliance but will be expanding stakeholders to include Federal Competition and Consumer Protection Commission to do it.

They will join JAMB task force to check on any act of extortion, while the Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC) will also be invited to monitor and check on these service providers.

JAMB has also frowned at candidates inability to follow the right procedure outlined for the generation of profile code, the board on its magnanimity alongside its major stakeholders, had agreed to accommodate common errors made during the registration process.

JAMB have therefore an opened a support platform so that all student could also check for the reasons why the NIN number isn’t been processed with their phone

JAMB have tried to enlighten the public on how to send and receive a successful profile code but candidates seem to get it wrong, but modalities are been worked out to accommodate all these common errors.

That is to say that, whether one puts space or not, hyphen or commas, the message should be able to deliver.

JAMB have asked all service providers to go back and adjust their systems so that such errors are accommodated and we will also go back to the drawing board and incorporate these errors into their systems.

Candidates who had registered for UTME in the previous year can also generate a code with the same telephone number, following the 2023 process of generating a profile code.

The only difference between the previous registration process and that of this year was the inclusion of NIN.

The same code might be sent to the candidate but would have undergone an upgrade from the board’s system.