EKSU Notice to Students on Security Precautionary Measures

Ekiti State University (EKSU) Important Notice to Students on Necessary Security Precautionary Measures Due to the Challenging Security Issues.

The Management is worried about the situation of the security in the nation which is becoming alarming; with serious concern on how the kidnappers are invading our institutions of higher learning.

Having critically evaluated the situation and the need to put necessary precautionary measures in place, the Management extensively debated the matter and decided as follows:

a. that our students should be encouraged to always move in groups;

b. that night movement should be totally discouraged on the campuses and respective towns where campuses are located;

c. commuting between towns should be limited, where it becomes imminent, their parents must be informed and grant permission as appropriate;

d. sharing of information should be done discreetly in order not to create unnecessary fears; and

e. any sign of threat anywhere should be promptly reported to Student Affairs Unit of the University for appropriate action.

To this end, the cooperation of our highly esteemed parents and guardians are being solicited by giving appropriate warning to their wards/children on the need to be security conscious. it is equally important to note that the University would not be held liable for any negative outcome arising from the violation of any of these precautionary measures.

The University on her part will continue to provide security to our students.

Thank you.

G.A.A. Shittu