Federal Poly Nekede Bans Exam Celebration in Campus
Federal Polytechnic Nekede, Owerri (FPNO) Important Notice to all Final Year Students on the Ban of Final Examination Celebrations in Campus.
Management has observed with utmost dismay the indiscriminate celebration by students after completion of their examinations. This trend had continued unabated irrespective of several memos and warnings by Management on the dangers and consequences of such celebrations.

Recall that Management had in its memo FPN/R/82/IV/186 of June, 2021 banned such celebrations owing to an unfortunate incident which arose from reckless celebration that took place within the campus in the time past. Management wishes to reiterate with every sense of solemnity that the earlier ban on celebrations after examinations within the campus are still in force and should be adhered to strictly.

This memo therefore serves as a FINAL WARNING to all students that still indulge in this vile and unwholesome act as defaulters would face severe disciplinary action in line with extant laws and regulations.

The Institution will no longer tolerate flagrant and willful disobedience to its laws and orders as it is an organized and civil community. Please, to be for warned is to be for armed.

Mrs. Anuna E. C.