Federal Poly Nekede Bans Exam Celebration in Campus

Federal Polytechnic Nekede, Owerri (FPNO) Important Notice to all Final Year Students on the Ban of Final Examination Celebrations in Campus.

The management of Federal Polytechnic Nekede, Owerri, has banned final exams celebration inside the campus. Following the events of 25th, where students threw caution into the air by throwing money around which led to free for all fight among the students.

The management has warned that any student that goes contrary to this directive, would face a disciplinary action.

Read Full Memo Notice Below:

Management is in receipt of information that some students threw caution to the wind by throwing money into the air after their Anal examination today 25th June, 2021 which led to free for all fight among the students, while some students drove recklessly within the campus.

This is therefore, to inform the students in particular and the Polytechnic in general that Management's ban on celebration after examinations within the campus is still in force and should be adhered to strictly.

Please, recall that Management had in the past banned all sort of celebration after examinations owing to an unfortunate incident which arose from reckless celebration that took place within campus in the time past.

Any student or group of students that flouts the above directive would face disciplinary action in line with extant laws and regulations.

Deans of School and Heads of Department are by this memo urged to bring the content of this memo to the attention of their students.

Federal Poly Nekede Bans Final Exam Celebration in Campus