Babcock University Gets Approval for Open Distance & E-Learning

Babcock University (BU) Gets Approval from the National Universities Commission (NUC) to Commence Open Distance and E-Learning Programmes (BUCoDEL).

Babcock has finally joined the league of universities licensed to run open distance and e-learning programme in Nigeria. This makes it the second of only two private universities among more than 78 and more than 90 Federal and State universities in the country to be so licensed. The approval is coming barely three months after the validated status recommended by the National Universities Commission, NUC in conjunction with experts of Open & Distance Learning.

The NUC’s Deputy Executive Secretary, Academics, Dr. Suleiman Ramon-Yusuf, expressed pleasure at the approval for the Bab-cock University Centre for Open, Distance & E-Learning of Bab-cock University, BUCoDEL, to commence academic activities following due diligence. The Centre will now commence operations with BSc Accounting programme via the ICT-Enabled Supported Blended Learning model of Open, Distance & E-Learning (ODL).

Addition of new programmes will be on individual programme basis, subject to NUC’s pre-assessment and approval. The approval not only marks a significant milestone for Babcock as Nigeria’s premier private university, but affirms the Centre’s preparedness to raise the stakes of education in Nigeria with the prerequisite facilities and resources to run ODL programmes professionally.

Prof. Tayo has consistently affirmed the administration’s determination to uphold the Babcock University institutional core values in the Centre’s operations of the Open, distance and E-Learning programme in Nigeria. For BUCoDEL’s Director, Prof. Mobola Sotunsa, the long wait is over and the journey of excellence has begun.