UNIABUJA Launches Mobile App for Teaching & Research

University of Abuja (UNIABUJA) Has Announced the Launch of their Mobile Application (App) to Provide Quick, Easy and Unfettered Access Teaching and Research Activities, and Community Service.

The University of Abuja has launched a Mobile App, meant to provide quick, easy and unfettered access to her teaching and research activities, and community service at just a click.

With the University of Abuja Mobile APP’ students can easily register their courses, apply for hostel accommodation, take attendance, report portal issues and also emergency student can also check their examination results as well as access important information about the University anywhere, anytime and at any place with their mobile devices without hassles.

The App which can be downloaded from the University support system https://support.uniabuja.edu.ng/app-downloads and also Google Playstore for users of android phones is expected to enhance communication and information dissemination among the staff and students of the University, and other stakeholders.

For instance, some university publics like parents and admission candidates can easily utilize the App to access useful information and news about the University, and check their admission status. The robustness of the App is such that lecturers and students can also function on the University portal with more convenience.

The App was developed by Okwoli Mathew Adah, fresh graduate from the department of computer science .