OYSCATECH Matriculation Oath Submission Deadline 2020/2021

Oyo State College Of Agriculture and Technology (OYSCATECH) Important Notice on Deadline for Submission of Matriculation Oath/Indemnity Forms for all Newly Admitted Students for 2020/2021 Academic Session.

It has been observed that many students are yet to submit their duly completed Matriculation Oath and Parents' Indemnity Forms to Faculty Officers.

Any students that have not submitted are hereby requested to submit the duly completed forms to the Faculty Officers on or before Wednesday, 8th September 2021. Whoever fails to submit stands the risk of losing their studentship

Above is for information and strict compliance by all students

NB: This is to inform the ND I and HND 1 students that have not filled and signed the Matriculation Register to kindly visit the Faculty Offices to do so not later than Wednesday 8th September, 2021.

Whoever fails to fill and sign the Matriculation Register will deem not to have participated in the Matriculation Ceremony.

Above is for information and strict compliance by all ND I and HNDI students.

Thank you.