CONAMKAT Basic Nursing Admission Form 2023/2024
Katsina State College of Midwifery (CONAMKAT) Kasimu Kofar Bai School of Nursing Katsina Basic Admission Form, Eligibility, Admission Requirements, Application Guidelines, Entrance Exam Date, Time, Venue and Deadline for 2023/2024 Academic Session.

Applications are hereby invited for admission into the Kasimu Kofar Bai School of Nursing Katsina Basic Nursing programmes for the 2023/2024 academic session.

Online sales of application forms for Basic Nursing programmes at Kasimu Kofar Bai School of Nursing Katsina commences from Tuesday, 21st March, 2023 and ends on Sunday, 30th April, 2023.

This is a 3 years, 6 semesters basic nursing programme, approved by the Nursing and Midwifery Council of Nigeria (NMCN) and run at Kasimu Kofar Bai School of Nursing Katsina. It is designed to train students on practical nursing skills and gives them the knowledge and clinical experience they need to become a Registered Nurse.

Students will be trained on practical nursing skills and they will acquire the knowledge and skills and also gain the clinical experience they need to become a Registered Nurse (RN). Registered Nurse (RN) provides support, care and advice to patients with medical and surgical conditions; this care includes taking vital signs, monitoring patients, administering medications, taking patient record and providing health education etc. They also offer advice and emotional support to patient and their families as well as follow-up care.

Registered Nurses can work in any Tertiary Healthcare Institutions (e.g National Hospital, Federal Medical Centers etc), Secondary Healthcare Institutions (e.g General Hospitals) and Primary Healthcare Institutions (Primary Health Care, Comprehensive Health Care) in the world.


  • Candidates must possess at least five (5) credits at not more than two (2) sittings including English Language, Mathematics, Biology, Chemistry and Physics in WAEC, NECO and/or NABTEB. Combination of WAEC/WAEC, NECO/NECO, WAEC/NECO is acceptable. NABTEB cannot be combined with WAEC or NECO or another NABTEB. If candidate will use NABTEB, he/she must have all the required 5 credits in it.
  • Qualified candidates will be required to write an Entrance Exam to be conducted by the College.
  • Candidates successful at the Entrance Exam will be invited for an interview to be conducted by the College.
  • Candidates successful at the interview will be offered provisional admission into Basic General Nursing programme at Kasimu Kofar Bai School of Nursing Katsina.
  • Candidates admitted into the Basic Nursing Programme will undergo intensive training/lecture in Basic Sciences and Nursing Courses for six months. Thereafter an Introductory Examination for the First Semester will be conducted by the Kasimu Kofar Bai School of Nursing Katsina.
  • Only successful students at the introductory Exam will be Indexed by the Nursing and Midwifery Council of Nigeria and the unsuccessful students will be withdrawn.



  • Basic Nursing: Two Thousand, Five Hundred Naira N2,500 (excluding bank charges)





  1. Open your browser
  2. Type on the Address Bar and press Enter.
  3. At the top header, click on “Apply Online”.
  4. The website will direct you to the Application Portal
  5. Click on “Application Instruction”, to read the Instruction and Application Guidelines for the online application.
  6. Click on “Start Application” to create account.
  7. A dialogue box will appear, click OK.
  8. Enter your Password, Firstname, Surname, Othername (if any), GSM Number, email and choose the programme by clicking on “Select Programme Option”.
  9. Click on the line under “Solve the Maths” and type the answer.
  10. Click on “Create Account”.
  11. Your account will be created successfully and your details will be sent to your email address and will also appear on your computer screen.



  1. After account creation, Click on the button called “Click to Continue”
  2. You will be returned to Continue Application page, enter your email and password and click on Login
  3. At the top left, click on “Pay Application Fee”.
  4. Click on “Proceed to Make Payment”
  5. A dialogue Box will appear, click on OK
  6. Click on “Proceed to Pay”
  7. A dialogue Box will appear, click on OK
  8. Click on the Payment Mode you want (“PAY NOW WITH ATM CARD” or “Print Payment Slip and Pay in Designated Bank Branch”)
  9. If you choose “Print Payment Slip and Pay in Designated Bank Branch”, print the payment transaction and take it to any bank nationwide.
  10. If you choose “PAY NOW WITH ATM CARD”, you will be directed to Remita page, supply the necessary details and make your payment.



  1. If paid through Remita, you will be directed to “Continue Application” page, Go to Step 3 of this section.
  2. If paid at bank, visit the application portal and click on “Continue Application”.
  3. Enter your Email and Password and click on Login
  4. At the top left, Click on Home, then Biodata and supply your details on each field
  5. Click on Upload your passport and upload your recent passport photograph. Passport photograph size should NOT be more than 100KB.
  6. Click on Update Profile
  7. At the top left, Click on O-Level and enter your Senior Secondary School Name, Centre Number, Exam Number, Certificate Obtained (WAEC, NECO, or NABTEB), From Date and To Date(Note: Primary and Junior Secondary Schools details are not needed). Then click on Add School.
  8. If you are using two results, enter the details of the second result as you did in Step 7.
  9. Click on Next
  10. Enter your Subject, Exam and Grade and click on “Add Result”. REPEAT this step until you add all the 5 subjects. NOTE: At this stage, you will only see the 5 subjects required and the acceptable grades. If you are using 2 results, when you select the subject, select the Exam Type that you have credit on it and select the grade.
  11. After entering the 5 main subjects, Click on “You can Add More Subjects” to add more subjects (optional)
  12. Click on Next
  13. Click on the field for “Select Certificate to Upload” and select STATEMENT OF RESULTS/CERTIFICATES. Then Click on “Choose File” and choose the file to upload from its location. Then Click on “Upload Certificates”. If you are using 2 results, REPEAT this step and upload the other one, else go to the next step. NOTE: Attached ONLY a scan copy of your Statement of Results/Certificate(s). Statement of Results/Certificates file size should NOT be more than 300KB.
  14. Click onNext
  15. A preview of the information you entered will be displayed. If you there is something you wrongly entered and you want to edit, go to the top left and click on the section where the information is and edit it. But if you are satisfied with the information you entered, click on the small box under Declaration and click SUBMIT APPLICATION. NOTE: Application cannot be edited after submission.
  1. Print your Completed Application Forms, Acknowledge Card and Payment Receipt. Ensure that you and your guardian sign the Completed Application Form and write the date of signing.
  2. To print you Payment Receipt, at the top left, Click on Transaction History and click on the item under Session TID, then print it.



  • Saturday 6th May, 2023


  • Release of Admission List: Monday 22nd May, 2023
  • Registration: Tuesday 23rd – Wednesday, 31st May, 2023
  • Commencement of Lectures: Thursday 1st June, 2023


All completed application forms should be returned to either Kasimu Kofar Bai School of Nursing, Katsina or Nana Babajo School of Midwifery, Malumfashi on or before 30th April, 2023.

Support Line: 07086711766, 07011690210, 07081704416, 07061098321.