HAFEDPOLY Academic Calendar Schedule 2022/2023 [REVISED]
Hussaini Adamu Federal Polytechnic (HAFEDPOLY) Academic Calendar Schedule for First (1st), Second (2nd) Semester Academic Activities for 2022/2023 Academic Session [REVISED].

The management of the Hussaini Adamu Federal Polytechnic (HAFEDPOLY) has released and published the adjusted approved academic calendar for first (1st) and second (2nd) semester for all ND & HND  students for the 2022/2023 academic session.

HAFEDPOLY Academic Calendar Schedule for 2022/2023 [REVISED]

The first semester kicks off with the admission exercise starting on April 1st, 2022, and continues through various stages of registration, lectures, and examinations until the first semester break in May 2023. The second semester commences in June 2023, with lectures spanning fifteen weeks, followed by examinations and other essential academic activities.

The revised academic calendar is aimed at ensuring a smooth and well-structured academic year, allowing students to plan their studies effectively. The management of HAFEDPOLY urges all students and staff to adhere to the stipulated dates and work towards a successful academic session.

First Semester
Admission Exercise
SET: JAMB 2021
SET: JAMB 2022
1st Apr – 29th Oct, 2022 Seven (7) Months
Screening & Registration Exercise 31st Oct – 12th Nov, 2022 Two (2) Weeks
Late Registration 14th Nov – 20th Nov, 2022 One (1) Week
Lectures 21st Nov – 22nd Dec, 2022 Five (5) Weeks
Mid Semester Break 23rd Dec – 8th Jan, 2023 Two (2) Weeks
Lectures 9th Jan – 7th Feb, 2023 Four (4) Weeks
Matriculation/Orientation 8th Feb – 10th Feb, 2023 Three (3) Days
General Elections Break 17th Feb – 25th Mar, 2023 Four (4) Weeks
Lectures 27th Mar – 6th May, 2023 Six (6) Weeks
First Semester Exams 8th May – 27th May, 2023 Three (3) Weeks
First Semester Break 28th May – 11th Jun, 2023 Two (2) Weeks
Marking of Examination Scripts 29th May – 11th Jun, 2023 Two (2) Weeks
Collation of Examination Results 12th Jun – 18th Jun, 2023 One (1) Week
Departmental Board of Examiners Meeting 19th Jun – 20th Jun, 2023 Two (2) Days
College Board of Examiners Meeting 21st Jun – 22nd Jun, 2023 Two (2) Days
Academic Board Meeting 5th Jul – 6th Jul, 2023 Two (2) Days
Second Semester
Lectures 12th Jun – 23rd Sep, 2023 Fifteen (15) Weeks
Examinations 25th Sep – 14th Oct, 2023 Three (3) Weeks
Marking of Examination Scripts 16th Oct – 29th Oct, 2023 Two (2) Weeks
Collation of Examination Results 30th Oct – 5th Nov, 2023 One (1) Week
Moderation of Examination Scripts 6th Nov – 19th Nov, 2023 Two (2) Weeks
Departmental Board of Examination Meeting 20th Nov – 21st Nov, 2023 Two (2) Days
College Board of Examination Meeting 22nd Nov – 23rd Nov, 2023 Two (2) Days
Academic Board Meeting 29th Nov – 30th Nov, 2023 Two (2) Days
Students Industrial Work Scheme (SIWES) 16th Oct, 2023 – 27th Jan, 2024 Sixteen (16) Weeks