Yobe State University (YSU) Notice on JAMB Regularization

Yobe State University (YSU) Important Notice to 2017 - 2020 Students on Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board (JAMB) Regularization.

This is to inform you that admissions offered from 2017-2020 and were yet to be formalized/approved by JAMB, all affected students are hereby requested in their own interest to follow the directives below and formalize records of their admissions without delay.

2. It was observed that some students are yet to accept the offer of their admissions and therefore, their admissions is not yet accepted by JAMB records as genuine students of this University, admitted through the JAMB.

That, as a result of the above, many students refused/unable to access and print their JAMB admissions letters, for records

JAMB being conscious of the fact that such category of the students will suffer from their regrettable nonchalant act: decided to yet again, for the last time open the platform for all affected institutions to upload the previously undisclosed admissions cases between 2017-2020 Academic sessions

In view of the above, therefore, all students are requested to visit the JAMB portal and print their JAMB admission letters or any notification by JAMB e.g NO ADMISSION IS GIVEN YET and submit same along with University admission letters and the Registration Number to the Admission Office on or before Tuesday 14 December 2021. Any student who fail to comply with the above directives, within the specified period would have his/her admission revoked by JAMB.

NOTE: For those that have submitted already should come to the admissions office to verify their names please.