FPNO Bans Departmental Uniform/Customized T-Shirt by Students

Federal Polytechnic Nekede Owerri (FPNO) Important Notice on the Ban of Departmental Uniform/Customized T-Shirts by Students.

Management at its Emergency meeting held on Thursday, 27th January, 2022 celebrated on the wearing of uniform/customized Tshirt by students as a mark of Identity/departmental uniform. Management suspects that some unscrupulous elements among the students may have been using the opportunity to fly the colours of their various cult groups.

Management therefore directed as follows:
1. That the use of departmental uniform/customized T-shirt on campus as a mark of identity is hereby prohibited.

2. Students who dress corporately on campus are encouraged to continue to dress decently.

3. Any Academic Head of Department whose students are seen in uniform would be held responsible.

The above Management decision is for your information and compliance.