IAUE Amnesty Programme Admission Form 2021/2022
Ignatius Ajuru University of Education (IAUE) One (1) Year Amnesty Programme Admission Form, Eligibility, Duration, Application Guidelines and Deadline for Students who Could not Graduate at Record Time.

The University Senate at its Statutory Meeting of Wednesday, 23rd February, 2022, deliberated and re-opened the window of “amnesty” for students who have spent more than the stipulated six (6) years on their programmes in the University but could not graduate.


The programme which is for one academic year, the 2021/2022 session is to be mounted under the following guidelines:
a. The window is opened only for students admitted under IAUE.
b. Must show proof of payment of all fees for the sessions while he/she was in the University
c. Must not have been expelled, rusticated or withdrawn for academic failure or any other cause from the University
d. Did not graduate at the end of the stipulated duration of the programme. In effect the students must have entered prescribed examinations at the final year but could not graduate.


The programme will run for a full session of two Semesters. This is to enable the students to remedy their failed courses or unregistered courses. It will also enable them participate in all class activities in line with extant University graduation requirement. Please take note that there will be no separate examinations for this group of students. All examinations must be written with the regular students and results presented to the Senate at the same time.

However, no student shall be allowed to register more than the prescribed maximum of 48 units per session as required by the University academic guidelines.


All prospective re-run “Amnesty” students are to collect prescribed Form from the Academic Office on the payment of N5, 000.00 payable through the University ICT


In addition to the payment of outstanding fees as in item (b) aforementioned, each student is expected to pay the prescribed fees for 2021/2022 session.

K.H. Kue-Ikoro (Mrs.)