Summit University Appoints Prof. A. Ainu New Vice Chancellor
Summit University Offa Governing Council Has Approved the Appointment of  Prof. Abiodun Muss Ainu  as the Second Substantive Vice Chancellor of the University.

The Board of Trustees approved the appointment of Prof. Abiodun Muss Ainu as the second Vice-Chancellor of Summit University, Offa on the recommendation of the Governing Council.

The appointment is sequel to on earlier interview conducted by the Joint Council Set Selection Committee which is composed of highly experienced of the University.

The appointment is in line with the provision of the Summit University Low 2015

Professor Musa Abiodun has been appointed as the new Vice-Chancellor of Summit University, Offices Professor of Mechatronics at the Federal University of Technology Minna Niger State, Nigeria.

He is popularly recognize as "Acadopreneur" and a highly motivated career driven achiever with over twenty three (23) years working experience in the field of Artificial Intelligence, Information and Communication Technology (CT), etc. Machetrucs Engineering Telecommunication Engineering and Industrial Autn.

He an has teaching and research experience in the field of Artificial intelligence and attic.