AD Scientific Ranking: LASU Ranked 5th Best University 2022
AD Scientific Ranking: Lagos State University (LASU) Ranked Best State University, 5th Best Overall in Nigeria for 2022.

The efforts of the present University Management, ably led by Professor Ibiyemi Olatunji-Bello, Mni, positioning Lagos State University (LASU) as the best in West Africa, is gradually becoming a reality.

The University of excellence, according to the AD Scientific ranking for 2022 is ranked 5th in Nigeria.
Also, the university, according to the ranking is the best state university amongst others. This ranking captured Federal, States and Private Universities in the country.

AD Scientific Index is a notable ranking system of World Universities, based on the cumulative AD Scientific Indices of scholars, each university has to parade.

According to the Director, Research Management and Innovation, LASU, Prof. Adejuwon Adeneye, this is a good news for the University.

" We are getting better, while we are working assiduously to be the very best,with accelerated efforts by the current university administration to get all academic staff profile online to showcase to the entire world", he stated.


In the presence of many different university ranking systems, as the "AD Scientific Index", we have developed a ranking system with a different methodology based on the principle of including only meritorious scientists. Based on Google Scholar’s total h-index scores, we have listed all academicians, who are ranked in the world in the top 10,000 and top 100,000 in university rankings. Furthermore, we have listed the breakdown of this ranking by main subjects. As the order of ranking principles, we used the overall top 10,000 scientists list primarily. Secondly, we used the ranking in the top 100,000, top 200.000 and top 400.000 scientists list. Thirdly, the total number of scientists in the AD Scientific Index was ranked by the university. In the case of equalities within a university ranking, we used the highest rank of the scientist in the respective university as it is listed in the world ranking.

You may sort the ranking from the highest score to the lowest or vice versa in any of these fields. You can observe the fields, which move the respective university to the forefront. Furthermore, the name of the academician with the highest total h-index in the respective university is displayed with the world ranking. Top University Ranking by “AD Scientific Index” will not only list the areas, where a university is the best or has room for improvement, but also reflect the outcomes of scientist policies of the institutions. This report reveals the competency of institutions to attract prized scientists and the ability of institutions to encourage advances and retain scientists.