DELSU Exam Code of Counduct for 1st Semester 2021/2022
Delta State University (DELSU) Notice on Commencement of First (1st) Semester Examinations and Code of Conduct for all Students for the 2021/2022 Academic Session.

The attention of our dear students is hereby drawn to the fact that examination commences on Monday 9th May 2022 We request your cooperation to make the examination a success. For the avoidance of doubt, the attention of all students in drawn to the under-listed actions that constitute examination malpractice.

DELSU Examination Code of Conduct for 1st Semester 2021/2022

1. Being in possession of cell phone(s) in the examination hall.
2 Being caught with written information on any part of your body while in the examination hall.
3. Being in possession of relevant materials in examination hall
4 Being in possession of electronic devices such as smart wristwatch, smart pen, smart glasses etc in the examination hall
5. Being in possession of examination answer booklets other than the one served during the examination.
6. Refusal to submit answer booklet after examinations
7. Writing of relevant information on your course registration form and placing same on your table.
8. Chewing and swallowing relevant material(s) if caught with such materials in examination hall
9. Assaulting examination invigilator and running away with answer booklet
10. Being in possession of past examination question papers with answers written therein
11. Copying from another student in examination hall
12 Being in possession of examination booklet meant for someone else.

Students are advised to guide against all issues listed above, and other issues deemed ilegal during examinations to avoid necessary disciplinary measures.