NOUN Correction of Name, DOB & Admission Details Guidelines
National Open University of Nigeria (NOUN) Guidelines for the Correction of Names, Date of Birth (DOB) and Other Admission Related Matters.
Please refer to the numerous requests from students for correction of name and date of birth. 

We write to inform you that Management has directed that any request for correction of name and date of birth after admission has been granted and matriculation number issued to students is not allowed. 

Consequently, all the Study Centre Directors are kindly requested to inform staff designated with the responsibility of clearing and issuing matriculation numbers to newly admitted students to ensure that the names and date of birth in the original documents presented by prospective students are properly scrutinised to conform with the information entered in the application form before matriculation number is issued. 

Henceforth, issue of this nature will no longer be tolerated by the University and any staff found to have violated this instruction and compromised the admission process will be severely disciplined. 

Please this is for your attention and strict compliance. 

Thank You!