AAU Ekpoma Vehicle Access Cards Collection Notice

Alli University (AAU) Ekpoma Important Notice to all Staff and Students on the Collection of Vehicle Access Cards.

This is to inform all staff and students, that in line with Universal best practices and a bid to build a smart Ambrose Alli University, Ekpoma, the University Management has signed an MOU with Intelligent Access and Security Management Company, for the purpose of curtailing the reckless and unprofessional driving by most students who thereby, harass pedestrians and other road users within the University campus.

Consequent upon the above, staff and students with vehicles are to process their vehicle access card through the intelligent Access and Security Management Unit located at the Cordelia Agbebaku’s Auditorium in the University for their access card.

Staff and students are advised to present their vehicle Access cards while coming into the campus. The activities of visitors to the University would also be regulated by the intelligent Access and Security Management now being deployed.

Note: The deadline for staff and students with vehicles to process their access card is Friday 16th September, 2022.

Ambrose E. Odiase, MANUPA, MIPMA, MAUA
Acting Registrar