AKSCOE Notice on Compulsory/Illegal Sales of Text Books
Akwa Ibom State College of Education (AKSCOE) Afaha Nsit Important Notice to all Students on the Compulsory / Illegal Sales of Text Books by Lecturers of the College.

It has been observed as well as reported by students that some lecturers especially those teaching Education and General Studies courses have made book sales in courses taught by them compulsory. and even go further to attach submission of assignments to buying of such textbooks.

For the avoidance of doubt. the College has not lifted the bon on compulsory/illegal sales of textbooks and the sanctions that go with it.

Those concerned are advised to cease forthwith from attracting to themselves severe disciplinary measures.

This serves as a warning to those concerned.

Deputy Provost Academic
Cc: Provost Deputy Provost Admin.
Registrar Librarian