FEDCODTTEN Notice to Students on Use of ID Cards
Federal School of Dental Technology & Therapy (FEDCODTTEN) Important Notice to all Students on the Use of their Student Identity (ID) Cards on Campus.

It has been observed that students do not always put on their Identity Cards and approved College uniforms. In the light of the above, students are, by this memo, mandatory required to always put on their Identity Cards and correct uniforms when they are on campus.

Students who do not have ID Cards, at the moment, have been given up to 31st October, 2022 to obtain them, as they will not be allowed entry into the College and lecture halls as from 1st November, 2022.

In addition, Lecturers have been directed to ensure that students who are not properly dressed are sent Out of lecture halls at the expiration of the date indicated above.

Deans/Sub-Deans are kindly requested to bring the contents of this memo to the attention of all concerned, please.

Paul M Yahaya