Al-Ansar University Tuition & School Fees Schedule 2022/2023
Al-Ansar University Maiduguri (AUM) Tuition and School Fees Schedule for all Fresh/Newly Admitted Undergraduate Students for the 2022/2023 Academic Session.

The management of the Al-Ansar University Maiduguri (AUM) has released and published the tuition fee for all fresh/newly admitted students for the 2022/2023 academic session.

Al-Ansar University Maiduguri (AUM) tuition / school fees schedule has been published below:

Al-Ansar University Maiduguri (AUM) Tuition & School Fees Schedule 2022/2023

Tuition Cost

Currently there is no distinction between the tuition cost for Domestic students (students of Nigerian nationality) and International students.

1B.Sc AccountingNGN 750,000.00
2B.A ArabicNGN 210,000.00
3B. Sc. BiochemistryNGN 700,000.00
4B.Sc BiotechnologyNGN 700,000.00
5B.Sc Computer ScienceNGN 650,000.00
6B.Sc Criminology and Security StudiesNGN 700,000.00
7B.Sc Cyber SecurityNGN 650,000.00
8B.Sc EconomicsNGN 600,000.00
9B.Sc EntrepreneurshipNGN 750,000.00
10B. Sc. Human AnatomyNGN 1,200,000.00
11B. Sc. Human PhysiologyNGN 1,200,000.00
12B.Sc. Industrial MathematicsNGN 500,000.00
13B.A Islamic StudiesNGN 210,000.00
14B.Sc Mass CommunicationNGN 650,000.00
15B. Sc. Medical Lab. ScienceNGN 1,200,000.00
16B. Sc. NursingNGN 1,200,000.00
17B.Sc Peace Studies and Conflict Resolution NGN 500,000.00
18B.Sc Petroleum ChemistryNGN 700,000.00
19B.Sc. Physics with ElectronicsNGN 650,000.00
20B.Sc Procurement ManagementNGN 750,000.00
21B. Sc. Public HealthNGN 1,200,000.00
22B.Sc Software EngineeringNGN 650,000.00

Tuition Payment

Depending on the student's payment preference, the tuition fee can either be paid per semester or per academic year. If the student chooses the per semester payment method but is unable to provide the complete required funds, he or she can pay in installments. However, complete payment of tuition is required before the commencement of the exam period.

Tuition Revision

The tuition cost is subject to revisions by the Senate of the university. This tuition change can be as a result of economic situations in the country or introduction of new systems that will lead to a more efficient learning environment. All students and parents/guardians will be informed of any new development regarding the tuition cost.

Tuition and Admission

Getting an admission at the university does not guarantee a place unless the tuition is paid. Thus, for incoming or transfer students, paying the tuition is part of the acceptance process into the university. The tuition cost only covers the cost of courses undertaken for the semester.


The university currently has no scholarship opportunities for students.