Air Force Military School Jos Admission Form 2023/2024
Nigerian Air-force Military School, Jos [AFMS JOS] Application for Admission into JSS1 Admission Forms/Sale of Scratch Cards/Registration, Entrance Examinations Schedule for the 2023/2024 Academic Session [UPDATED].

Nigerian Air-force Military School, Jos (AFMS JOS) and (AFGMS) Registration Form for 2023/2024 Sales of form Commenced in February, 2023. Nigerian Air-force Military School, Jos Online Registration Deadline has been slated for Sunday 2nd April, 2023. Read Sales of Form / Online Registration for Nigerian Air-force Military School, Jos Guidelines.


This is to inform the General Public, Parents and Guardians that the sale of application form for Admission into JSS1 Nigerian Air-force Military School, Jos for the 2023/2024 academic session has commenced.

The sale of application for admission into JSS1 of AFMS Jos commences in February, 2023.

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Air-force Military School, Jos Admission Policy

Admission into Air Force Military School is through a competitive common entrance examination. The selection is based on merit and quota system.

This is to ensure high standard as well as good and equal representation of all states of the federation.

Entrance examination and selection interviews are conducted annually for 10 to 13 years old Nigerian children who signify their interest by obtaining admission forms usually sold around January of every year.

Transfer into Air Force Military School in whatever form is at present not allowed.

However, JAM may be allowed to withdraw from the school if there is strong reason to do so with the approval of the Nigerian Air Force Headquarters.

Air-force Military School, Jos [AFMS Jos] Sales of Scratch Cards/Registration Procedures

1. All interested applicants are to purchase scratch cards for N1,500:00 at any Air Force Primary or Secondary Schools

2. Also, on sale are the past question papers for N400:00, which are to be purchased together with the scratch cards.

3. After Purchase of Scratch Cards proceed to the Airforce Educational Portal via the link

4. Supply your Scratch Card PIN and Serial Number in the boxes provided to proceed

NOTE: If you have once registered, Click Here to proceed with your registration

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Air-force Military School, Jos [AFMS Jos] Sales of Scratch Cards/Registration Closing Date 2023/2024

Sales of scratch cards/registration will end on 16th April, 2022 for Air Force Military School.

Air-force Military School, Jos [AFMS Jos] Entrance Examination Dates and Venues 2023/2024

Applicants are to note that the entrance examinations will hold as follows:

Air Force Military School, Jos: Saturday 16th April, 2021.

For more details please visit our websites:

RECOMMENDED: Nigerian Air Force Military School, Jos Entrance Examination Date.

About Nigerian Airforce Military School, Jos 

Air Force Military School, Jos came into being by ESTABLISHMENT ORDER 3/80 AIR FORCE MILITARY SCHOOL, JOS.

Owing to some difficulties encountered in getting adequate Personnel to be granted combatant commission into the NAF, especially as Air Crew, a NAF Military School was conceived to produce able bodied and disciplined Nigerians, brought up in an Air Force environment for the above-mention purpose.

The aim of establishing this School includes: 
a. To prepare students for WAEC and University entrance examinations.
b. To provide a broad based academic and technical education as well as Military Training to serve in the Nigerian Air Force in particular.
c. To provide an environment for proper physical and mental development, the integration of disciplined behavior, the acquisition of leadership qualities and the inculcation of good citizenship traits.

The School has a Board of Governors, whose membership is determined by the CAS from time to time, to perform the under-mention functions:
a. Determine and issues policy guidelines for the School.
b. Ratify Admission list.
c. Ratify the decision of the Commandant on such disciplinary issues as may be determined by the Board.
d. Deliberate on budgetary matters.
e. Decide on closure of the school in the case of emergency.
f. Discuss and decide on such matters as may be brought before the Board from time to time.

The School is commanded by a commandant, whose establishment rank will be Gp Capt. He will have the right and powers of Group Commander and will fly the school flag both in his residence, Office and his official vehicle.

The school consists of the Headquarters and the following main Wings:
a. Academic Wing
b. Military Wings
c. Administrative Wing

The first intake into Air Force Military School, Jos {AFMS} was on Sept 19, 1980 with 120 Junior Air Men (JAM).

The School has graduated over 6,000 Junior Airmen since inception.

The Students (JAM) receive education in subjects like mathematics, physics, geography, and French, and on the other hand get trained in military weaponry and tactics.

The military training is geared to encourage a career in the Nigerian armed forces and many graduates have gone on to become commissioned officers in the Army, Air Force, and Navy.

The Military Training Program includes Field and Weapons Training, Map Reading and Interpretation, Field Craft, Drill, Point to Point Compass March, Route March, Sports, Obstacle crossing, Assembling and Stripping of Rifles, Mock war, Shooting Range and Bush Camping among others.