NOUN 2020 Academic Calendar Schedule [ADJUSTED]

National Open University (NOUN) Academic Calendar Schedule for First (1st), Second (2nd) Semester 2020 Academic Session Out [Download in PDF]

The Authorities of the National Open University, NOUN has published the approved academic calendar for the 2019/2020 academic session.

Below are the breakdown of academic activities for the 2019/2020 academic session.

NOUN Academic Calendar 2020 [ADJUSTED]

MonthActivityPossible DurationBlock Dates
December, 2019Registration of Courses/Examination Begins31st December, 2019
February, 2020Senate11th February, 2020
FebruaryFacilitation commences25th February, 2020
March, 2020Registration of Courses/Examination Ends31st March, 2020
MarchInaugural LectureMarch, 2020
March1st TMA9th March,2020
MarchSenate10th March,2020
MarchOrientation20th March,2020
MarchMatriculation21st March,2020
MarchConvocation20th – 21st March, 2020
March2nd TMA30th March, 2020
April, 20203rd TMA20th April, 2020
AprilFacilitation and TMA Ends30th April, 2020
May, 2020IT/SIWES4 weeks4th May -3rd June, 2020
June, 2020Pen on Paper Examination begins3 weeks3rd June, 2020
June, 2020Pen on paper examination ends3 weeks24th June, 2020
July, 2020E-examination begins/ Marking Exercise3 weeks1st July, 2020
JulyE-examination ends3 weeks22nd July, 2020
JulyInaugural LectureJuly, 2020
August, 2020Senate6th August, 2020
AugustRelease of Results10th August, 2020
AugustExamination Course Registration Begins24th August, 2020
AugustInaugural LectureAugust, 2020
September, 2020Examination Course Registration Ends15th September, 2020
SeptemberFacilitation Begins16th September, 2020
September1st TMA14th September, 2020
October, 20202nd TMA5th October, 2020
October3rd TMA26th October, 2020
OctoberFacilitation and TMA Ends26th October, 2020
OctoberPen on Paper examination begins28th October, 2020
November, 2020Pen on Paper examination ends3 weeks19th November, 2020
NovemberE-examination begins/Marking Exercise3 weeks24th November, 2020
December, 2020E-examination ends3 weeks15th December, 2020
January, 2021Senate12th January, 2021
January, 2021Release of results18th January, 2021
January, 2021Convocation26th – 27th January, 2021



New Students
1. Your Orientation comes up on 20th March (Please attend the Orientation at your study centres and ask questions based on what you've known about the school so far - anything about NOUN)

2. Your Matriculation would be held on 21st March (Please attend and ask for your faculty handbook and Polo-Shirt/Cap, all should be free that day)

Graduating Students
We would miss you but such is life, to stay at the top you have to keep up the struggles from one level to another. Your convocation would come up between 20th - 21st March. Go get the certificated you've been struggling for and improve your life with it.

General Info
1. Facilitation (Lectures) at all study centres and online at LCMS portal begins on 25th February, and ends on 30th April. You should also collect your Textbooks/Course materials at your study centre within same period.

2. Admissions and all registrations ends on 31st March, 2020.

3. IT/SIWES defence would run between 4th May to 3rd June.

4. Pen on Paper (PoP [Hand written]) examinations (It's for OLDER students 300L to 800L)begins on 3rd June and Ends on 24th June (Just 3 weeks - prepare for at least 2 exams daily)

5. E-Examination exercise (Computer Based [It's for new students 100L to 200L]) begins on 1st July and Ends on 22nd July (Just 3 weeks - prepare for at least 2 exams daily)

Schedule for Tutor Marked Assignment/Assessment (TMA)

TMA 1: Would run between 9th - 30th March (21 days)
TMA 2: Would run between 30th March - 20th April (21 days)
TMA 3: Would run between 20th April - 30th April (10 DAYS)

The expected date for the release of results if it's accepted by the senate is 10th August, 2020.

NOUN 2020 Academic Calendar Schedule [ADJUSTED]

NOUN 2020 Academic Calendar Schedule [ADJUSTED]