NLNG Prize for Science 2022 [$100,000 Reward] | Call for Entries
Nigeria Liquefied Natural Gas (NLNG) Calls for Entry to The Nigeria Prize for Science US Dollars ($100, 000.00) Award, See Eligibility, Submission Procedures, Themes, Panel of Judges, Winners Announcement and Closing Date for 2022.

The Nigeria Prize for Science are sponsored by Nigeria LNG Limited. The prizes are aimed at bringing Nigerian scientists and authors to public attention and celebrating excellence in scientific breakthroughs in the nation.

​NLNG believes that the science prize will provide leaders with answers to crucial issues in development; improve the standards of living and re-energise the scientific community to seek solutions to national problems.

The prizes are administered, on behalf of Nigeria LNG Limited, by the Nigerian Academy of Science and the Advisory Board for Literature made up of members of Nigerian Academy of Letters (NAL) and the Association of Nigerian Authors (ANA).

Entries are invited from Scientists worldwide for advancing scientific solutions to a prescribed problem for which Nigeria benefits as captured by the theme for the year, Innovations In Sustainable Food Security.

The winner (s) would receive an award of one hundred thousand US dollars ($100,000.00). This annual prize for science was instituted in 2004 by Nigeria LNG Limited (NLNG) to recognise outstanding scientific achievements by Scientists in line with its vision of helping to build a better Nigeria.


  • The theme for the 2022 competition is: Innovations In Sustainable Food Security.


1. Improvement in food production with adequate nutritional values that meets the needs of the population
2. Processes in food production and Food Process technologies
3. Organic food preservation technologies


  • The award is open to scientists worldwide (Nigerians and non- Nigerians) involved in the application of science to proffer innovations in sustainable food security.
  • The work should be of outstanding merit and should have advanced the frontiers of knowledge and/or provide an innovative solution in the area of sustainable food security.
  • The submission for consideration must be original and must indicate the specific area of merit; and all submissions must relate to that particular area.
  • All material in support of the entry must be submitted within the time stipulated.

RECOMMENDED: Nigeria LNG (NLNG) Literature Prize Call for Entries.


Applicants must complete and submit their entries online accompanied by an application form obtainable online from the NLNG website.

  • As the intention is to recognise the most relevant and effective solution to a prescribed problem for which Nigeria benefits, works of collaboration by two or more persons are also welcome.
  • Only one entry per contestant(s) is permitted per competition year.
  • Entries not submitted by the stated deadline and according to stated conditions shall not be considered.
  • Members of the Advisory Board or Panel of Judges or their relatives are not allowed to enter their works for the Science Prize during their year of service as well as the following year.  
  • NLNG staff or their family members are ineligible to enter for the prize. 
  • The prize will be awarded for no other reason than excellence.


    • A Panel of Judges shall be appointed for The Nigeria Prize for Science by the Advisory Board.
    • The appointment of judges shall, as far as possible, reflect and represent a multi-disciplinary approach relevant to the theme. Persons appointed as judges are those who have wide experience, peer recognition, good public image and command respect nationally and internationally.
    • The decision of the process shall be final.


    All entries must be received by GMT, April 29th, 2022. Late entries will not be entertained.


    Winners will be announced to the public in September 2022 and  presented in October 2022.

    For further information, visit Nigeria LNG Limited’s website: