Cusson Baby Moment Competition [CBM 5] - 65 Participants Gets Disqualified

The Cusson Baby Moments Team Disqualifies 66 Participants for Illegal Votes and Violation of the CBM5 Terms and Conditions.

Dear Mums,

All issues concerning differences in voting numbers on the site have been resolved. We apologize for any inconvenience this has caused.

Regrettably, the result of the investigations carried out establish that we were hit with mischievous activity on the site in an effort by some participants to sporadically boost their votes and gain a clear winning advantage in the ongoing competition via unfair and unapproved methods. We have spared no resource in ensuring that we comprehensively investigate and analyse this activity in order to adequately verify our findings and establish our facts. 

This has unpreventably taken some time but has made certain that we have irrefutable evidence of this mischievous activity by some participants in the voting stage of the competition.

Our mandate is to maintain fairness and equality by screening all votes when any form of undue advantage is suspected at any time (see website homepage or Article 6.viii of Terms & Conditions). 

Sadly, we must disqualify 66 entrants found to have significantly influenced their chances of reaching the Top 500 by gaining votes through prohibited means. Any action otherwise will result in loss of opportunity for other equally qualified entrants in the competition.

Cussons Baby Moments will continue to expend all its resources in ensuring that all activities during the competition are conducted in accordance with the stipulated rules and regulations as contained in our Terms and Conditions.

Best wishes.
The Cussons Baby Moments Team