ACU Academic Calendar Schedule 2019/2020 [ADJUSTED]

ACU Academic Calendar Schedule 2019/2020 [ADJUSTED]

Ajayi Crowther University (ACU) Adjusted Academic Calendar of Events for Undergraduates for 2019/2020Academic Session.

This is to inform all fresh and returning students of the Ajayi Crowther University, ACU that the academic calendar schedule of events for 2019/2020 academic session has been published.

Ajayi Crowther University (ACU) Academic Calendar Schedule 2019/2020

It is hereby notified for the information of all students that the 2019/2020 Academic Calendar of the University has been modified and new dates have been assigned to some aspects of the calendar as follows:


  • Saturday, 14th December, 2019 –Sunday, 5th January, 2020 - Christmas break for all students
  • Monday, 6th to Friday, 10th January, 2020 - 1st Semester lectures continue
  • Friday, 10th January, 2020 - 1st Semester lectures end
  • Monday 13th to Friday, 17th January 2020 - Revision
  • Thursday, 16th and Friday, 17th January 2020 - GES Examination
  • Monday, 20th January, 2020 - 1st semester Examinations begin
  • Wednesday, 29th January, 2020 - 1st semester Examinations end
  • Thursday 30th January, 2020 - MATRICULATION
  • Friday, 31st January, 2020 - 1st semester break begins

Students are strongly advised to ensure that the second installment of their school fees is paid before the commencement of the first semester examinations and obtain examination clearance certificate from the Bursary as admission into the examination halls will depend strictly on the production of the clearance certificate.

Fresh students are advised to take note of the date of matriculation, i.e., Thursday, 30th January, 2020 and encouraged to invite their parents to witness the occasion. Accommodation will be available for the parents at affordable costs in the University’s four guest houses.

I wish to draw students’ attention to the content of our circular Ref. ACU/VC/GSTDM/048 of 9th December, 2019, and to emphasize that the University will apply, very strictly, its rules with regard to pairing of male and female students, possession and/or use of illicit drugs such as Cocaine, Indian Hemps, Tramadol, Codeine, etc., bullying, immoral practices, wearing of beards and/or indecent dresses, stealing, etc.

Students are also enjoined to make effective use of the University Library. The decision of the Vice-Chancellor to reward students who record a minimum of 80% attendance in the Library still stands, and students are advised to sign in and out each time they use the Library to facilitate due implementation of that decision.

I wish to remind students of Management’s directive that they should carry out laboratory investigations to ascertain their health status and for the purpose of the required students’ Entrance Medical Examination. Reports reaching the Vice-Chancellor reveal that many students are yet to comply with the directive.

Students are strongly advised, in their own interest, that all the underlisted routine laboratory investigations should be carried out from their homes and the results submitted at the University Health Services on their return from the Christmas holiday for proper documentation and completion of their Medical Registration:
  1. Full blood count;
  2. Urinalysis;
  3. Stool microscopy;
  4. Blood group;
  5. Genotype; and
  6. Digital chest x-ray complete with a Consultant Radiologist’s Report
Routine immunization against Hepatitis B Viral infection and Human Papilloma Viral infection (to prevent cervical cancer) is also strongly advised.

Furthermore, all Dental and Visual challenges should be addressed, i.e., appropriate Dental treatment/Extraction, Dentures, correction of refractive errors with recommended eye glasses should be affected before return to the University.

Students are also hereby reminded that they should report to the University Health Services with their Reference Cards for ease of retrieval of their medical folders from the Medical Records Section, and on no account should students tamper with the records of the Section by attempting to retrieve their folders by themselves.

Students are also hereby advised to keep their properties safe and secure before proceeding on Christmas break and when they return, as the University will not be liable for any loss of students’ property.

May I also emphasize, once again, that the dress code will be strictly enforced. Wearing of T-shirts with obscene inscriptions, and any other loose or indecent dress, wearing of beards or bad hair-do, will not be tolerated, and any form of indecent dress will be confiscated.
The Vice-Chancellor wishes all students journey mercies as they travel to their respective homes, a merry Christmas, a happy, prosperous and successful New Year, and safe return to the University in January 2020.
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