Faceless by Amma Darko Chapter by Chapter Summary [UTME Literature]
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Analysis of "Faceless" Amma Darko was born in Koforidua, Ghana, and grew up in Accra. She studied in Kumasi, where she received her diploma in 1980. She is one of the most significant contemporary Ghanaian literary writers. She is the author of the following novels: Faceless (2003), The Housemaid (1999), Beyond the Horizon (1995) and Not Without Flowers (2007).

Faceless by Amma Darko Chapter by Chapter Summary [UTME, WAEC/NECO Literature]



As the novel opens, fourteen year old Fofo is seen sleeping on an old cardboard at Agbogbloshie market.

She has a job at the vegetable market in Agbogbloshie where she washes carrots.

The market is close to a slum known as Sodom and Gomorrah.

When she is not working, she keeps herself occupied with watching adult movies and taking alcohol.

Just as other street children, she does dream of living in a home with a roof and a toilet.

Her sleep was interrupted by a street lord named Poison who came to rape her.

She resisted him and ran to her best friend, Odarley, who lives in a rented wooden shack.

She explained her ordeal to Odarley and told her that she will see her mother whom she believed had some connections with Poison.

Maa Tsuru, Fofo's mother, tells Fofo that her elder sister, Baby T is dead and Poison had threatened her to keep quiet over Baby Ts death.

Hence, she urged Fofo to run to a safer place.


Kabria and her family live a different life from that of those who reside in Sodom and Gomorrah.

She is a mother of three - Obea, Essie and Ottu. Despite living in a decent neighborhood, she drives an old quaked car nicknamed creamy, and works with MUTE which is non-governmental organisation.

She met Fofo at Agbloghoshie market. Kabria was in the crowd looking at Baby Ts dead body when Fofo who dressed like a boy tried to snatch her purse from her.

When the angry mob pounced her, Kabria rescued her.

Later she revealed herself to Kabria and told her that the dead body she was staring at is her (Fofo's) sister, Baby T. On a contrary, a lot of people have been made to believe that the dead body is that of kayayoo (a market porter from the north).

This is a trick to conceal Baby Ts real identity and discourage any enquiry over the circumstances surrounding her death and then hide her killer.

However, MUTE took interested in the murder case.

They took Fofo into their custody to protect her from harm.

Fofo is to stay with them as they investigate Baby T's murder case.

The circumstances surrounding Baby Ts death was revealed through two main sources: Fofo and investigations by MUTE.

Baby T, in the novel, is Maa Tsuru's third child and Fofo is the fourth.

Their father left their mother with the superstitious belief that she, Maa Tsuru is cursed from birth.

Maa Tsuru's second lover, Kpakpo, abused Baby T, and Onko who stays in the same compound with them also joined in defiling her as she tried to confide with him.

Kpakpo connived with a prostitution ring ran by Madam Abidjan, Maami Brooni and Poison (a street lord and ring leader) to use Baby T as a prostitute in a brothel.

They gave her earnings to Maa Tsuru her mother so that she can turn a blind eye to the mischief.

Onko's business having being suffering major losses. He consulted a witch doctor he explained to him his business is suffering setback because he defile Baby T who is a cursed child.

In order to resolve the problem, he is to bring some sacrificial items which includes Baby Ts pubic hair.


Kpakpo helped Onko to reach out to Baby T again and Poison to Onko Maami Brooni's brothel where Baby T works.

Having remembered what Onko did her early, Baby T refused service Onko sexually. It took Poison to beat her into going into the room with Onko.

Later she was found dead inside the room with head split open on the floor. Onko committed suicide.


This part of the novel shows the events that led to the conflicts that evolved in the book.

Maa Tsuru's mother died during child birth and cursed her husband and his generations to come, that they will know no peace.

When Kwei wanted to marry Tsuru, his mother refused because she believes that Tsuru is cursed.

But, Kwei ignored his mother and went on with the marriage.

In a hard family condition, Kwei went to steal in a building construction site in Accra and received the beating of his life.

Under this condition, Maa Tsuru gave birth to their first. Soon after, she welcomed their second son happily.

While the child is still crawling, Tsuru gets pregnant.

Kwei blames Tsuru for this.

He abandons his family to marry another woman.

Kwei's mother and the second wife connive and lied against Tsuru.

Kwei beats Maa Tsuru up believing that she will have a miscarriage. But, the pregnancy survived.

She gave birth to a baby girl - Baby T.

Sometime later, Kwei came back to Maa Tsuru after enticing her with a little gift. He gets her pregnant for the fourth time.

Once again his mother deceived into abandoning Maa Tsuru and her children.

While he was gone, Maa Tsuru gave birth to Fofo.

When her two boys turned ten, they took to the street to fend for themselves and the family as well.

Kpakpo joins Maa Tsuru in the same house with her children after deceiving her that he works in the factory.

Tsuru became pregnant for Kpakpo and had a premature labour after two months and the child died because it is immatured.

During Maa Tsuru's stay in the hospital, Kpakpo stayed alone with the children. That night he attempted to harass Baby T sexually.

The next morning Fofo unveils the story to Naa Yomo's cousin, Onko who lives in the same compound with them.

When Maa Tsuru came back from the hospital and heard the story she took it so trivial.

Onko took the opportunity to rape Baby T and uses money to keep Maa Tsuru calm.

Onko went on again, after some weeks, to forcefully sleep with Baby T, claiming that he loves Baby T who is twelve years of age.

To avoid such occurrence again, Maa Tsuru plans to take Baby T away. Days later, Kpakpo brings a retired prostitute, Maami Brooni, popularly known as Mama Abidjan.

Kpakpo claims that Mama Abidjan is his relative.

She took Baby T to work with her as a bar attendant. Kpakpo and Maami Brooni also went further to secretly marry Baby T to Poison without the consent of Maa Tsuru.

Later on, Kpakpo abandons Maa Tsuru and her children. Maami Brooni entered and announced that Baby T is dead.


Dina and her organization, MUTE, continued their investigation into what led to Baby Ts death.

Vicky and Aggie went to the hospital to get autopsy on Baby Ts death.

Autopsy report says that Baby T died by heating her head on a sharp object.

As Maa Tsuru opens here door, Sylv Po is seen with a tape recorder.

Kabria tried to get Maa Tsuru to talk on circumstances surrounding her daughter's death.

 When Fofo and Kabria later spoke to her, she started narrating what happened to Baby T.

In her narration, she expressed regret for allowing Kpakpo in her life while trying to fill the hole that Kwei left.

Fofo also blames Maa Tsuru for sacrificing her own children for Kpakpo.

As they were leaving Maa Tsuru's house, Fofo took Kabria and sylv Po to Onko's house.

It happened that Onko's shop has collapsed due to what he did to Baby T.

Dina and her MUTE organization where able to gather facts which show that Poison killed Baby T and also slapped Fofo.

This allegation is based on the fact that Poison is left handed.

Poison is a bad person in all ramification.

This is partly because of his up bring.

As a little boy, his father maltreated him.

He took to the street and joined a gang.

He is popularly known for his skills in car tape theft.

He upgraded his criminal career into a professional child trafficker and prostitution lord.

Poison denied killing Baby T when the MUTE team met with him.

I only gave her a clap, he claimed.

But later findings showed that, in addition to the slap he also beat Baby T with a belt. The MUTE team also visited where Onko committed suicide.

They also decided to take care of Fofo.

They took her to Korle-Bu hospital for medical checkup, and she was taken to a catering school to learn catering services.