Harvest of Corruption - Frank Ogbeche Chapter by Chapter Summary

Read Online African Drama: Harvest of Corruption by Frank Ogodo Ogbeche Comprehensive Analysis and Chapter by Chapter Summary for JAMB UTME, NECO and WAEC Literature Students.

The play, "Harvest of Corruption" was written by Frank Ogodo Ogbeche. Ogbeche is from Yala in Cross River State. After his secondary education, he obtained his first degree in Communication Arts from the University of Cross River State, Calabar in 1989. He is currently working as Senior Council Affairs Officer.

Harvest of Corruption by Frank Ogodo Ogbeche Chapter by Chapter Summary [UTME, WAEC/NECO Literature]

Aloho went to the Ministry of External Relation in search of a job. She met an old friend called Ochuole.

Ochuole told her to forget about "born again" Christian concept if she wants to get job at the ministry. Ochuole was a chief Administrative Officer attached to the ministry of External Relation.

Aloho reported to Ogeyi what transpired between her and Ochuole at the Ministry. Ogeyi told her to stay away from Ochuole. She described Ochuole as a wayward person.

Ogeyi worked with ABC company as a receptionist. Ochuole and Chief Haladu Ade-Amaka the Hon.Minister of External Relations met at Akpara Hotel at Darkin.

Ochuole told Chief about her friend Aloho, she wanted Chief to offer her job so that Aloho can be one of his girl's friends. She also told chief tom handle Aloho gently.

Chief Haladu gave the commissioner of police some money to cover him up. He was accused of embezzling 1.2billion naira in the ministry.

The commissioner accepted the money and promised to protect Chief Haladu. Chief also promised to make him Inspector General of Police. ACP Yakubu came across a mad man that condemned corruption in the land.

The speech motivated him to embark on investigating the case. In the process, ACP Yakubu sent out Inspector Inaku to investigate the matter.

Inspector Inaku got to the ministry and had talk with Mr. Ayo, a clerk in the ministry. Ayo felt reluctant at the initial stage but Inspector offered him a bribe of 2,000.00 naira to get information from Ayo.

Ayo agreed to make photocopies of all the necessary documents that ccan incriminate Chief Haladu. Inspector Inaku gave Ayo 1,000.00 naira as part payment and promised to pay the balance when the documents required are produced.

Chief also went to meet Justice Odili for protection. He gave him some money. but Justice told him to be careful in doing things.

Ochuole presented Aloho to Chief Haladu as one of their carriers in drug business. But Aloho was ignorant of what she was expected to do.

She was offered an appointment as a protocol officer in the Ministry of External Relation under pretext. Aloho was happy and the deal was formalized at Akpara Hotel.

She was told that she would travel to USA to deliver certain document to a friend of Chief. It was explained to her as part of her job.

Aloho explain this to Ogeyi but Ogeyi objected to this new job. She warned Aloho but Aloho was bent on accepting the job and travelling to USA.

Ogeyi madle her to understand that all people that associated with Ochuole suffered at last. Aloho was caught at the departure hall and was sued to Court for drug trafficking.

Chief Haladu Ade-Amaka was able to bribe his way and Aloho was discharged and acquitted for want of evidence.

Aloho came back felt dejected for her action. Ogeyi spoke roughly to her for her quest to make money at all cost. Aloho felt remorseful about everything.

She was pregnant for chief but determine to abort the pregnancy. Ogeyi warned her against abortion. ACP Yakubu made attempt to investigate the corruption leveled against Chief Haladu Ade-Amaka.

The commissioner of police made it difficult for ACP Yakubu to carry out the investigation. Chief had given CP some money to block all avenues to expose him.

Aloho went to Wazobia Hospital to see a doctor. She met nurse Halimatu who took her profile. Aloho explain to the doctor her intention to terminate the baby in her womb.

The doctor first objected to this move. She told the doctor that the pregnancy was three months old. The doctor charged Aloho 10,000.00 naira and she accepted to pay.

She was to return to the hospital two weeks! from that day. Aloho got home and had a dream. She saw a coffin, her mother, sisters and brothers sat round the coffin and wept bitterly. She narrated the dream to Ogeyi but Ogeyi told her to keep the pregnancy.

She went to the without the knowledge of Ogeyi. The doctors prepared the theatre for the operation to take place but could not do it because of an emergency which he was called to attend to. Alloho was disappointed as a result of the scene.

The news about Chief Haladu Ade-Amaka's shady deeds was discussed among the workers in the office. The clerk, Ayo provided the details of chief Haladu's activities in the ministry. Alice and Obi were surprised in the way Ayo marshaled the nitty-grity of the story.

Mrs. Obi had pity for Aloho that was unconsciously lured into prostitution by Ochuole. The news about the death of Aloho was first broken in the office.

Ogeyi visited ACP Yakubu for the purpose of exposing Chief Haladu and his cohorts. ACP Yakubu redirected her to Inspector Inaku for interrogation.

Ogeyi told the whole story from the beginning to the end. Her speech was recorded on tape. Ogeyi was prepared to act as principal witness in the case.

ACP Yakubu promised to hand over the tape to the Presidency for proper investigation.

Aloho could not terminate the pregnancy as a result of the natural intervention at every step she made. Ogeyi her friend advised her to keep the baby and forget about the termination of the pregnancy. Ogeyi told her to go home and Aloho accepted to go home.

At home, Aloho had her baby but she died at childbirth. The news was broken by Okpotu to Ogeyi when Okpotu visited Ogeyi.

Meanwhile, the state security Service visited the ministry of External Relation and arrested Chief Haladu Ade-Amaka, Ayo and Ochuole for prosecution.

Chief Haladu Adle-Amaka, Ayo and Ochuole were accused of corruption at various level. Chief was accused of stolen 1.2 billion naira while Ayo accepted a bribe of 2,000.00 naira to provide information to a police officer.

Ogeyi stood in court as a principal witness against Chief Haladu and his cohorts.

Ogeyi proved that Aloho was employed by Chief to use her to commit crimes. She madle reference to drug case and how Chief bribed Commissioner of police and Chief Justice.

The presiding judge of the case sentenced Chief Haladu to twenty five yearls imprisonment with hard labour and to refund a sum of 1.2 billion naira to the government.

Clerk Ayo got five years for not keeping the oath of secrecy. The commissioner of police and chief Justice had twenty years each. madam Hoha and Ochuole had ten years each with hard labour. Madam Hoha Hotel- Akpara Hotel was also sealed up.

All the criminals were jailed in proportion to their level of participation. Everyone harvest his/her corruption at the end.