LASU Convocation Dress Code for all Graduates [Photo + Video]
Lagos State University (LASU) Convocation Ceremony Dress Code for all Graduands (LASU) Appropriate and Inappropriate Dressing for Convocation for all Convoking Graduates.

Ahead of the upcoming LASU Convocation Ceremony the Management has released the appropriate dressing for convocation for all the graduates.

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Congratulations to you all graduates. You've studied hard and now ready to graduate from the university.

A degree is a major accomplishment and in a graduate life. This is why it is of utmost importance to look and feel like a true winner on this monumental occasion.

But you should be guided on how to appear at in your academic gown for the graduation ceremony.

Before you put on your academic gown. It is very important to note that your graduation is considered a formal event. You are expected to wear something formal underneath your gown.

As a female, You should wear dark slacks with a blouse Or a formal dress or a formal blouse and Skirts with dark shoes.

High heels are not recommended for reasons of safety and comfort. Flats or Palms are suggested.

It is recommended that males should wear dark trousers or khakis. Dark socks, shoes and a neatly pressed light colored dress shirt with dark tie underneath an academic gown.

However, Sleeves should not be rolled up, In a graduation ceremony, It is recommended to wear your sleeves down and on road Underneath your robe. Jeans and shorts Sandals, Tennis shoes should be avoided.

Here are some simple steps to guide you through the procedure.

LASU Convocation Dress Code for all Graduates [Photo + Video]


LASU Convocation Dress Code for all Graduates [Photo + Video]

1. Check the Cut and Style of Your Gown

Note the cuts and style of your gown. The gown styles are open Pointed sleeves designed to be worn clothes. The gown will fall not lower than your mid calf between the knee and ankle. When wearing it your arms should go through the sleeves and lay the gown hand off or rest on your shoulders. The gown may slip during the ceremony. Be sure to check that it is sitting straight on your shoulder.

LASU Convocation Dress Code for all Graduates [Photo + Video]

2. Check the Cut and Style of Your Hood: 

The hood is about 3ft long with fabric shelves and satin lining. Look the color the lining of your hood, the choosing color for your discipline be featured on the edge of your hood. Ensure this tip of your hood points towards the ground in such a way that its drapes down your back. The B section of the hood should sits across your chest.

Do not put your arms through this Section, Just your head and the chest area should be covered by the hood. Fix the rope on the hood to your shirt button or use safety pins to keep it in place against your rood so that your hood does not slip.

LASU Convocation Dress Code for all Graduates [Photo + Video]

3. Note the Cut and Style Your Cap: 

It should be noted that the university's cap is of to two types depending on the academic level.

  • Bachelor's Degree Graduands will wear a style called the BONNET.
  • Master's Degree and Doctoral Graduands will put on a style called the TRENCHER.

The bonnet is round in shape of which the tassel will be at the top center, the BONNET will be placed on the head so it sits slugly and evenly on your head. Tassel on the cap should be positioned on the right side, and then you will change to the left side once you are admitted by the Vice Chancellor.

The TRENCHER is made of solid blue firb with a flat square top and a yellow silk tassel

The square top will seat on an oval cap that has a small point in the front, and a large point in the back. Adjust the trencher on your head so the small point is at front of your head and the large point is at the back of your head.

For the Postgraduate Graduands. Your tassel should be permanently on the left side on all the occasion.
LASU Convocation Dress Code for all Graduates [Photo + Video]

Once again congratulations.

Enjoy the rest of your ceremony.


LASU Convocation Dress Code for all Graduates [Photo + Video]
1. Jeans
2. Shorts
3. Sandals
4. Tennis Shoes
5. Leggings
6. High Hills
LASU Convocation Dress Code for all Graduates [Photo + Video]

The Registrar and Secretary to Council would like all Graduands to please go through this video so that our conduct and behavior will be streamline during the 25th Convocation Ceremony.

Thank you.

We are LASU, We are Proud!!!