2020 UBTEB Nov/Dec Registration Form | Instructions & Guidelines

2020 Uganda Business and Technical Examinations Board (UBTEB) November/December Technical Diploma, Business, and Physical and Biological Sciences Assessment and Examinations Registration Form, Fees Structure, Instructions, General Guidelines and Deadline for 2019/2020 Academic Session.

This is to inform you that Uganda Business and Technical Examinations Board (UBTEB) is preparing to conduct the November/December 2019 Assessment/Examination series. This circular therefore gives information on how the assessment and examinations shall be conducted.

The Board has embarked on realignment of its assessment systems in line with envisaged TVET policy reforms. To this effect, the upcoming assessment and examinations series has some changes.

UBTEB shall conduct assessment/examinations for the following categories of academic programmes in November/December 2019 series;

RECOMMENDED: 2020 UBTEB Nov/Dec Time-Table [PDF] | UCPC & NTC Examinations.


All payments to UBTEB should be made to the bank account below;

UBTEB General Collection Account Number: 9030005776596 Stanbic Bank, IPS Branch.
We encourage you to exploit all the available E-banking options.

1. To make payments to us, use the cash deposit slips in any stanbic bank branch.
2. Remember to include bank charges on payments made.
3. After payments, proceed to accounts office to obtain a receipt
4. After obtaining a receipt, go to the front desk for you to be guided on the next step.
5. Payment mode accepted; accept bank drafts, EFT, RTGS and cash deposits.
6. Cheque should be deposited on the UBTEB bank account and the deposit slip should be submitted at UBTEB Accounts office to get a receipt. We don’t receive cheques at UBTEB.
For details: call 0392-002468.

(a) Technical Diplomas

(i) First and Second Year candidates shall use the 2018 Uganda Technical Colleges’ (UTCs) curricula for National Diploma in Civil Engineering (NDCE), National Diploma in Mechanical Engineering (NDME), National Diploma in Electrical Engineering (NDEE), National Diploma in Architecture (NDAR) and National Diploma in Water engineering (NDWE).

(ii) All first and Second year candidates of National Diploma in Refrigeration and Air Conditioning (NDRA), National Diploma in Ceramics Engineering (NDCR), and National Diploma in Information and Communications Technology (NDICT) shall use the existing NCDC curricula.

(iii) The non- continuing “Retakers” shall be assessed using the National Curriculum Development Centre (NCDC) curricula earlier on used in the respective series.

(iv) New National Diploma programmes in Automobile Engineering, Telecommunication Engineering, Fashion and Garment Design, and Interior and Landscape Design shall be assessed in accordance with NCDC curricula 2019.

(v) The Higher National Diplomas shall be assessed in accordance with the NCDC curricula of 2017

(b) Business Diplomas and Certificates

The Diploma programs shall be assessed using the existing curricula as it has been the case before.
All national certificate Business programmes have been reviewed. The assessment of these programs shall be based on the new curricula developed by NCDC 2019

To this effect, “Retakers” shall be assessed using the old curriculum while first years shall follow the new curricula.

(c) Humanities/Social Sciences Diploma and Certificate
All such diplomas and Certificates in this category shall follow the revised curricula as per NCDC 2019 or as per the programs approved by NCHE for different institutions
(d) Biological and Physical Sciences
(i) Agriculture Diplomas;
(ii) Fisheries Diplomas and Certificate;
(iii) Wildlife Diplomas and Certificates;
(iv) Meteorology Diplomas;
(v) Lands & Survey Diplomas and Certificate; and
(vi) Food Science and Nutrition Diplomas and Certificates;

1.1 Online Registration 

(a) All First and second year Candidates shall register online. The user manual for online registration can be downloaded from the UBTEB website http://ubteb.go.ug/registration.

(b) Candidates shall access the online registration portal by logging onto http://emis.ubteb.go.ug:8080/admissions to complete the online registration and track their registration status using the application number generated by the system.

(c) The Head of Centre shall log on to the system using the Username and Password provided to the Head of Centre by UBTEB through http://emis.ubteb.go.ug:8080.

The Head of Centre should follow the online registration manual to approve each applicant on the system to enable the Board enrol them. Please follow the online Registration manual provided for guidance.

(d) All passport photographs for candidates shall be edited to include their registration numbers before being uploaded on the system. Follow photograph’s guidelines.

(e) After approving the candidates, the Head of centre shall print the list of approved candidates for both first and second years, and registration list for all the “Retakers”, with Registration Numbers typed on their passport photographs and uploaded onto the system.

(f) Note: For first year candidates, the first approval allocates registration numbers which should be used to edit photos, the second approval is for admitting the candidate into Year one, Semester one respectively.

(g) For all continuing candidates, the Head of Centre shall approve them for year two semester one. For more information on approvals follow the Online Registration Manual provided for guidance.

(h) The Institution shall then submit the printed list(s) of the approved candidates as mentioned in (e) to UBTEB for verification.

Note: The Board shall not register any candidate from any Institution that does not submit the approved list(s) in hard copy.

1.2 Conventional Registration 

The “Retakers” in all categories of programmes who first sat in 2011 to June 2017 shall register using entry forms. These candidates shall maintain their original Registration Numbers.

NOTE: Retakers for 2011, 2012 and 2013 have exhausted all their chances and there will be no papers prepared for them after 2019 examination series. I therefore request you to communicate to the affected candidates at your centre/Institution in time to avoid future inconveniences.

1.3 Registration Schedules 

Normal registration for November/December 2019 examinations shall begin on Monday, 23rd September 2019 and end on Wednesday, 30th October 2019. Late registration shall begin on Thursday, 31st October 2019 and end on Thursday 7th November 2019. Candidates shall be surcharged 50% of the normal registration fees for late registration. This should be well communicated to candidates and parents.

i. Depositing of registration fees on the UBTEB account does not mean that registration has been carried out.
ii. Registration deadlines MUST be observed because non-adherence derails the process of examination preparations besides attracting additional costs.

1.4 Registration Fees Structure

The Registration fees for these examinations are as shown in the table below;

2019 UBTEB Nov/Dec Registration Form - Instructions & Guidelines

2019 UBTEB Nov/Dec Registration Form - Instructions & Guidelines

1.5 Continuous Assessment

Training institutions shall conduct Continuous Assessment and submit to UBTEB the results/marks for candidates as per the curricula or syllabi for the respective programmes.

The course work and Real Life project results shall be submitted using their respective submission forms which can be picked from UBTEB Secretariat or down loaded from UBTEB website.

All Continuous Assessment results/marks shall be submitted at 100%. Course work and Real Life project results shall be hand delivered and submitted in duplicate.

The original copy shall be submitted to UBTEB. The duplicate copy shall be stamped by the Board and retained by the institution. The Head of Centre is encouraged to follow the submission sheet guidelines which are picked together with entry forms from the Secretariat.

Note: The institutions are encouraged to supervise Real Life projects and coursework to ensure accuracy, high level integrity in evaluation of respective marks awarded to the candidate.

The Head of Centre shall ensure that candidates’ names and registration numbers are arranged in ascending order. UBTEB shall at any time of the Semester/Academic year visit institutions to verify the credibility of the Continuous Assessment. Candidates are therefore, advised to file and keep their course answer script after marking and results submitted to UBTEB.

Note: All Continuous Assessment results shall be submitted to UBTEB Secretariat
two (2) weeks before the beginning of the November/December 2019 final assessment/examinations.

1.6 Industrial Training (IT) 

All institutions whose students go for IT/internship every January shall submit the IT/internship placement lists of the students by the end of the November/December 2019 Examinations series to enable the Board carry out its routine monitoring of students on IT/internship. The placement list(s) should indicate all candidates’ details and particular place of IT/Internship e.g. location and contact of the company.

The IT/internship placement lists and IT/Internship results/marks shall be submitted using the submission forms provided in the UBTEB Industrial Training guidelines. Marks for IT/internship must be submitted to the Secretariat two weeks after institutions have reported for studies in 2020.

1.7 Assessment of Candidates with Special needs

The Heads of Centres are requested to submit information of candidates with special needs during registration. A list of candidates with specials needs should be compiled and submitted to the Secretariat in writing indicating the nature of special needs. More guidance can be accessed from the circular about special needs posted on the UBTEB website.

1.7 General Guidelines 

(a) The registration summary sheets can be picked from UBTEB Secretariat or downloaded from the UBTEB website.

(b) All Institutions presenting candidates for Registration must have at least five (5) candidates per course/programme and a total candidature sitting at the same Centre of at least thirty (30) and therefore those with less number must present such candidates through accredited centres.

(c) NOTE: After the late registration date has passed, no more registration of candidates shall be accepted.

(d) All Institutions presenting candidates for programmes examined by UBTEB must be following curricula developed by National Curriculum Development Center (NCDC), Academic programmes accredited by National Council for Higher Education (NCHE) and/or Examination syllabi provided by UBTEB.

(e) No Examination Centre should present candidates for programmes that were not accredited/approved by the UBTEB during application for a centre and or additional programmes.

(f) Institutions that will present candidates for UBTEB Examinations shall remit the candidates’ Registration/Examination fees to UBTEB by Bank Draft or EFT to UBTEB General Collections A/C. No: 9030005776596 Stanbic Bank, Metro branch. Proof of such remittances shall be presented to UBTEB Accounts office for clearance at the time of registering candidates. No part payments / cash payments shall be accepted by the Board.

(g) A Candidate registering online for the first time shall scan and upload all his/her original academic documents (e.g. result slips, transcripts, certificates etc.) and either a Birth Certificate or a National Identity Card on the system. These documents shall be verified as per the online registration manual. In case of contradicting dates, proof of legal guidance should be attached.

(h) A candidate’s passport size photo shall be coloured on a white background with Registration Numbers embedded on it before uploading on the system.

(i) No candidate shall be allowed to transfer from one examination Centre to another at any time.

(j) Candidates who had dead years should first sit the papers in the respective years of study before proceeding to the next level.

(k) Under protest cases shall only be applicable to a candidate who registered with UBTEB but his/her Name was omitted in the final register or if a candidate wrongly registered for a paper.

(l) The Head of Centre shall ensure that the dates of birth for all candidates on all their documents match before approving them since candidates with varying dates of birth shall be rejected.

(m) All Heads of Centres and Registrars should ensure that students are studying the right curricula and retaking the right papers/modules

All correspondences on registration should be addressed to Executive Secretary. For any inquiries, please contact us on; Phone 0393208057, [email protected], [email protected], [email protected]

Note: Heads of Centres are reminded not to send candidates or parents to UBTEB for Registration regardless of the circumstances.