Cowbellpedia 2020 Mathematics Competition Suspended Indefinitely

Promasidor Suspends 2020 Cowbellpedia Secondary School Mathematics Tv Quiz Show Competition Registration and Examination Exercise Indefinitely.

Information reaching us confirms that the Promasidor Makers of Cowbell Our Milk and Sponsor of the COWBELLPEDIA Secondary School Mathematics Tv Quiz Show has suspended the registration and activities of the competition for the Year 2020.

The 2020 Cowbellpedia Mathematics online registration exercise which commenced on 1st January, 2020 only lasted for a week before the registration portal was shut down without prior notice to schools, individual candidates and the general public.

As days rolled into weeks and weeks into months there were no information or announcement from the organizers of the show stating the reasons for the sudden suspension of registration exercise. later got an information from one of the Schools who were fortunate to have registered before the portal was shut down that the competition sponsorship have been withdrawn by Promasidor with immediate effect as text messages were sent to Schools who already registered.

Below is an excerpt of the text message been dispatched to registered schools number.

Please, be informed that COWBELLPEDIA has been suspended by PROMASIDOR, the sponsor of the competition with immediate effect. Regrets.
Due to the rising questions and inquiries from candidates and schools on the sudden suspension of the 2020 Cowbellpedia registration exercise, Promassidor issued a notice via the Cowbellmilk official Facebook Page giving reasons that the suspension was necessary in-order for the competition to be revamped.

Below is the announcement been posted on the Cowbell Milk Official Facebook Page
Cowbellpedia 2020 Mathematics Competition Suspended Indefinitely
To all our Cowbellpedia fans,  The 2020 Cowbellpedia Secondary School TV Quiz Show is currently being revamped to give you a better experience.  In the meantime, you can visit our YouTube page to catch up on all previous episodes here --- > .Thanks for your patience.

The Big question now is Will the Competition still hold this year 2020? well thats not clear to us yet because the reason for the suspension was not made public.

We will update here once we get any latest information in regards to the competition.