AUCHIPOLY Online Lecture Guidelines via Google Classroom 2019/2020

Auchi Polytechnic (AUCHIPOLY) Online Lecture Guidelines on Google Classroom for all Regular Students, 2019/2020 Academic Session [ND & HND].

Auchi Polytechnic hereby notifies all regular students that online classes for the 2019/2020 academic session has commenced.

We are using the Google Classroom app to facilitate online teaching and learning.

Note that face-to-face teaching and learning will continue when the federal government permits resumption.

AUCHIPOLY Online Lecture Guidelines via Google Classroom 2019/2020

Google Classroom is designed to help teachers and students communicate and collaborate, manage assignments paperlessly, and stay organized. Google Classroom is part of the Google Apps tools and is available to Google accounts.

  • Students should contact their various course lecturers through their Class Reps for Class Code(s) to enable them Join Class(es).
  • Students can use their existing Gmail Account otherwise, Create a Gmail Account to Join a Class. 


1. There are several ways to get to Google Classroom.

a. Click on the multicolored squares at the top left of the screen
  • Click on the icon that says “Classroom” NOTE: If the App is not there you will need to add it
  • Click on “Store”
  • Type in the box at the top Classroom and click ENTER on the
    keyboard (This should be the first choice that you see)
  • Click on FREE and then click ADD
b. If the multicolored squares are not there then click on the small squares on the right by where you previously signed into Google.

  • The menu will appear. Click on More in the gray along the bottom.
  • Additional icons will appear.
  • Click on “Classroom”
2. When Classroom opens students will see their name and log in the lower left. They will need to click the blue button on the right that says “Student”.
3. A welcome screen will appear. Students will need to click on the “+” sign that has an arrow stating “Join Your First Class!”
4. At this point a small white box will appear on the screen asking students to type in the class code the class code comes from the teacher’s site.

5. Students type in the code (usually a mixture of letters and numbers)

6. On the teacher’s Classroom page at the bottom left there is a box that says class code. This is what students type

7. Students are then enrolled into the classroom and will receive a pop-up screen to ask if they want to take a tour.

a. The first destination on the tour is the 3 horizontal lines at the top left of the screen. This location would take the student out to their other classes if they had more than one.

b. The second destination on the tour is the place where students may type questions to the teacher or others about the assignments they have. This is not Facebook, Twitter, or any other social media place.

Capitals, periods and good grammar should be observed. By posting here students may get answers from classmates how to do something before the teacher can get to them to help. i.e. “How to add a picture to a Google Doc?”

c. The last thing to do is to close the tour box.

8. Now listed are any assignments and instructions for students to do.

For the above assignments students would click on OPEN
9. There is another tour that will take students through how to do the assignments. Take tour.

10. Students click on the assignment (either the paper with the turned up blue corner or the title of the activity, or they may have to CREATE their own GOOGLE assignment)

11. When they click on the assignment a new tab will open in Google. Students will begin work. Notice the student’s name in the top left of the document (this is the name of the document with the student’s name as well)

12. When students are done they simply close the ASSIGNMENT TAB
13. Once they are back inside classroom, they click on the blue button that says TURN IN

14. A dialog box will pop open asking if student wants to really turn in the assignment. Students would click TURN IN
15. Once students turn in their work, the teacher will grade it and the grade will appear back here.

Students with Android Phone can download Google Classroom App from Play Store. After Installation, open the Google Classroom App in your phone and Login with your Gmail Account’s Username and Password. To Join a Class, follow Step 3 to Step 5 above

Kindly download the students guide on using Google classroom via the LINK HERE.