IAUE Excerpts from Virtual Senate Meeting Held On June 4, 2020

Ignatius Ajuru University of Education (IAUE) Excerpts from Virtual Senate Meeting which was Held on 4th June, 2020.

1. Examination timetable for undergraduate students will be out soon for eligible students to write their online examinations at the comfort of their homes or business centres if they so decide.

2. Lecturers are to submit to the ICT centre a set of 150 multiple choice questions (A, B, C, D) 8am morning of their examination date in either a flash drive, CD or Laptop to be configured and put in the ICT system.

3. While postgraduate students who are not ready with their research works are welcome to spend more time at the university at their own expense (with financial implications), serious minded ones who are eager to graduate on stipulated time must be supervised by their designated supervisors. Any lecturer who fails to supervise such students would forfeit his salary.

4. Postgraduate students who wish to do self check on their research work are advised to use other plagiarism checkers (not Turn-it-in) or ask operators of the business centres where such job is done to completely delete their research work from the system to avoid having plagiarism issues with the Postgraduate School.

5. Only project work of postgraduate students who have duly paid all fees (School fees, Departmental fees, Defence fees, Journal fees) will be sent to the external supervisors.

6.Faculties are advised to forward to the postgraduate school only results and project works of students who attach receipts of payment of these fees.