ANAN University Kwall Brochure: List of Postgraduate Courses

ANAN University Kwall (AUK) e-Brochure: View ANAN University Kwall (AUK List of Approved Postgraduate Courses / Programmes for the Current Academic Session.

Welcome to the ANAN University Kwall (AUK) Online e-Brochure: This tends to serve as a helping guide to all candidates who wish to secure admission into the ANAN University Kwall (AUK).

The ANAN University Kwall (AUK) Online e-Brochure contains the Full List of Programmes and courses offered by the institution.

ANAN University Kwall Brochure: List of Approved Postgraduate Programmes Offered

Anan University, Kwall (AUK) is a private university established in February, 2021 to run postgraduate programmes in Accounting and allied fields,. The University is located in the same environment with the Nigerian College of Accountancy (NCA), Kwall ner Jos, Plateau State.

It enjoys a calm and serene environment with less potentials for distractions and conducive for academic activities. The university currently has two colleges and seven departments.

The approved programmes for the university are classified under the two (2) colleges and the ANAN University Business School as follows:

  • College of Private Sector Accounting
  • College of Public Sector Accounting
  • ANAN University Business School


Department Programme
1. Auditing and Forensic Accounting i) M. Sc. Accounting
ii) M. Sc. Auditing and Assurance
iii) M. Sc. Forensic Accounting
iv) M. Accounting and Information Technology
v) M. Accounting and Statistics
vi) M. Accounting Practice
vii) PGD Accounting
viii) PGD Auditing and Assurance
ix) PGD Forensic Accounting
x) Ph. D. Accounting
xi) Ph. D. Auditing and Assurance
xii) Ph. D. Forensic Accounting
2. Financial Management i) M. Sc. Financial Management
ii) M. Financial Management
iii) PGD Capital Market and Investment
iv) PGD Financial Management
v) M. Sc. Capital Market and Investment
vi) M. Capital Market and Investment
vii) Ph. D. Capital Market and Investment
viii) Ph. D. Financial Management
3. Management Accounting i) M. Sc. Management Accounting
ii) M. Management Accounting
iii) PGD Management Accounting
iv) Ph. D. Management Accounting
4. Financial Reporting i) PGD Financial Reporting
ii) M. Sc. Financial Reporting
iii) M. Financial Reporting
iv) Ph. D. Financial Reporting


Department Programme
1. Environmental Accounting i) M. Sc. Oil and Gas Accounting
ii) M. Oil and Gas Accounting
iii) PGD Oil and Gas Accounting
iv) Ph. D. Oil and Gas Accounting
2. Public Sector Accounting i) M. Sc. Public Sector Accounting
ii) M. Public Sector Accounting
iii) PGD Public Sector Accounting
iv) PGD Treasury Management
v) M. Sc. Treasury Management
vi) M. Treasury Management
vii) Ph. D. Public Sector Accounting
viii) Ph. D. Treasury Management
3. Taxation i) M. Sc. Taxation and Fiscal Policy
ii) PGD Taxation and Fiscal Policy
iii) M. Taxation and Fiscal Policy
iv) Ph. D. Taxation and Fiscal Policybr

In addition, the university has a business school that accommodates part-time programmes of the university.

ANAN University Business School

The ANAN University Business School shall accommodate all the executive and part-time programmes of the university.