How to Secure Admission Into any Tertiary Institution Once

Seeking for Admission into any Nigerian Institution? Read on How to Secure or Gain Admission into any Tertiary Institution in Nigeria at Once with much Struggle.

Gaining Admission into any Higher Institution In Nigeria is the Joy of every Student who had done their O'level and have good Jamb result.

It gladdens the Heart to move forward into a new Environment of Learning and are ready to pursue their dreams with great interest.

Although, there are many Institutions in Nigeria, yet student still find it difficult to secure admission because of the population of many secondary School leaver at a time.

Thus, this has made admission very competitive only those with good grades in their O'level and a very high score in Jamb are easily admitted. Those not admitted will have to wait for the following year to take another JAMB.

This is very stressful and time wasting for students. It kills their potential and makes the achievement of their dreams very slow.

How to Gain Admission Into any Tertiary Institution Once

Below are ways to secure admission once into any institution in Nigeria

1. Prepare Hard: When preparing to take your first JAMB, prepare for it seriously to avoid writing the same exam following year. Answer all questions, Read all necessary books and past questions materials.

2. Attempt a Pre-Degree Programme: One can take a Pre-Degree Programme in any Institution In Nigeria. A Pre-Degree Programme is a programme in which you would be registered in the institution and taking lectures and at the end of the session if your results is good, you thereby become a student of the Institution for the course you registered for.

3. Direct Entry procedure: For Direct-Entry, a student must have have a Diploma or NCE results in any Polytechnic or other College of institution. If the results meets the school requirements and grades, a student can be qualified for Admission into any Institution .

4. IJMB: This is like a Pre-Degree Programme but quite different in a way that students don't have to go to the Institution for the programme. This programme can be taking in any Accredited and Registered Tutorial Center. If a student result at the End of the Programme which is usually a year is very good, the student can gain Admission into his/her preferred Institution.

Note: Pre-Degree Programme can only be done in the Institution you are going for. E.g, if a student wants to secure admission in UI, he/she can only do Pre-Degree in UI and will start from 100level.

Not all institutions accept IJMB. If a student secure Admission through IJMB, he/she will begin from 200level

Direct Entry is only possible for those who have Diploma or NCE results of any Polytechnic or College. If a student is being admitted through Direct Entry, he/she will start from 200 level.

Guest Post for (LASU INFO) Written by: Edustuff