BSU Hostel Racketeering & Student Accommodation Fraud Alert

Benue State University (BSU), Makurdi Hostel Racketeering and Student Accommodation Fraud Alert Notice: Warning Thereof to Purported Sellers and Buyers of Bed Spaces.

It has come to the knowledge of Students' Affair of Benue State University that, some students who have confirmed hostel reservation details and allocation slips of the online hostel exercise for the 2020/2021 academic session have already advertised or negotiated for or intend to transfer their allocation permit by way of the sublet.

The Division writes to remind students residing and or allocated hostel bed spaces that, sale of bed spaces at Benue State University is highly prohibited. For the avoidance of doubt, subletting or swapping of accommodation is prohibited and would not be condoned. It is a breach of the terms of "offer" of the application and equal amounts to MISCONDUCT trial able and punishable by the Students Disciplinary Committee.

Defaulters will automatically forfeit their bed spaces to the University in line with Part 8 Rule 1 of the Regulations; while the acquiring student shall perpetually be "Blacklisted' from future hostel enlistment and both shall face disciplinary action of the Students' Disciplinary Committee.

A stitch in time saves nine.

Thank you