LASU to Notify Students on Senate Decision Immediately
Lagos State University (LASU) Students whose Requests are Considered by Senate will Now Receive Immediate Notification when Senate Takes Decisions on Such Request.
The Director of ICT, Professor Oluwatoyin Enikuomehin has announced that the Senate Secretariat has now been technically empowered via an integration App that will help to notify students of the Lagos State University whenever a decision is taken on matters affecting their papers submitted for Senate consideration.

This deployment by the DICT is a response to the directive of Senate to ensure that students are informed of Senate decisions on time, a directive which is to be implemented in not more than two weeks from the date of the Senate directive.

From the foregoing, students whose papers have been brought to Senate will now be notified immediately of the decision of Senate on such papers hours after such decisions are taken.

In view of the above, all students of Lagos State University are enjoined to ensure that they regularly check their result portal whenever they their papers are being forwarded to Senate for consideration.

This means that students will now be notified immediately of the decision of Senate on Deferment, Resumption, Intra-University Transfer etc

Senate had earlier noted that this intervention will improve studentship and help avert situations where delay in the communication of Senate decisions to students has led to other issues especially in the cases of Intra-University Transfer, Resumption of Studies etc.

The PAR Senate has duly being enrolled and usage has commences with immediate effect in line with Senate Directive.