LASUCOM Inducts 3rd Cohort Of Nursing Graduates
Lagos State University College of Medicine (LASUCOM), Ikeja Inducts Third (3rd) Cohort of Nursing Graduates, Vice Chancellor Hails LASG for the Continuous Subsidization of Healthcare Training.

In a momentous occasion for the College, the induction ceremony for the third set of graduating nursing students was held on Tuesday, 6th June 2023. The event marked a significant milestone, as a new group of dedicated individuals commenced their nursing education, preparing to contribute to the evolving landscape of healthcare.

The induction ceremony which unfolded at the College Auditorium, boosted an aura of fulfillment from the State Officials, University Management, esteemed faculty members, healthcare professionals, and families of the inductees who gathered to celebrate the 31 new nurses as they embark on the next transformative chapter in their professional careers.

In her address, the Vice Chancellor of the University, Prof. Ibiyemi I. Olatunji-Bello congratulated the inductees, their parents, and the College community for attaining this milestone through the trials of sleepless nights, rigorous training, learning and financial investments.

”This nation especially this state has invested so much in the education for which you now boast today and I have to acknowledge and appreciate the Lagos State Government for its huge financial investments and capital expenditure for which the College has benefited immensely from”, she said, while urging the inductees to serve their nation and help combat the controversial issue of “brain drain” plaguing the country.

The Provost of the College, Prof. Abiodun Adewuya, in his opening remarks, described the College's nursing programme, which inducted its first set of nurses in 2021, as one of the remarkable testaments to its admirable reputation as a pride of the University and a leading institution for healthcare education in and around the Nation.

He charged the inductees to continue to seek further knowledge as the learning process never stops for committed professionals and advised them to embrace the "Heal the World" mentality.

"Today, as you don your nursing caps and recite the Nightingale Pledge, remember the significance of life, purpose and compassion. You are not merely assuming a role of a nurse; you are carrying the torch of compassion, and healing passed down through generations of nurses" he said.

During the induction ceremony, distinguished speakers underscored the vital role that nurses play in the provision of holistic patient care. They emphasized the significance of interdisciplinary collaboration, empathetic communication, and evidence-based practice in improving health outcomes. The speakers also highlighted the growing demand for highly skilled and compassionate nursing professionals, paving the way for exciting career opportunities within the healthcare industry.

The head of the Nursing Programme in the College, Dr. Bola Ofi expressed pride in the efforts shown by the students throughout their time in the College and urged them to maximize their full potential by utilizing opportunities available to them throughout the course of their careers.

The induction ceremony for the third set of nursing students from the Lagos State University College of Medicine symbolizes the impressive progression of the Department of Nursing programme which was approved by the LASU Senate in 2009 to prepare graduate nurses to meet the quality healthcare demands of Lagos State, Nigeria and the global world and in addition, prepare professionals for a career in academics and research.

The 31 new inductees who have been officially thrust into the healthcare industry joined the ranks of accomplished alumni under the banners of the Lagos State University College of Medicine who hold the promise of a brighter future for healthcare. The entire College community stands in unity, anticipating their positive mark on the healthcare industry where they will apply their knowledge and skills to positively impact the lives of individuals and communities.