It is not a New thing that the economy of Nigeria is not stable, many students do know have hope of continuing the next semester because of Money, either School Fees, Hostel Accommodation fee and Daily expenses.

The need for starting a small side business is very important and not making it affect your Education is the major problem many students face.

Here in this article, you would get know some few real Business you can do to support yourself in school.

Now, as a full-time student, you can not be in class and also run a daily offline shop (business) that requires your full attention that is why, on this post we would focus on legit online business that can become a big business for you in real life.

Here are the list of Business we are going to talk about;

#1: Affiliate Marketing Business.

#2: Information Marketing Business.

#3: Online Network Marketing Business

#4: E-commerce Business

Instead of borrowing Student Loan from Your Bank to start a Business or pay bills, school fees. Why not look into these business one after the other.

#1: Affiliate Marketing Business;

Do a dictionary search of what is Affiliate Marketing and you would get a universal definition, except for online dictionary which defines affiliate Marketing as a program affiliate get paid commission for promoting a product and making sales. There are different Affiliate Programs available in Nigeria that would pay you directly to your Local Bank Account without PayPal Account.

List Of Nigeria Affiliate Program That Pays High Commission:

  1. Jumia Affiliate.
  2. Konga Affiliate.
  3. Whogohost Affiliate.
  4. DomainKing. 
  5. MTN Affiliate.
  6. GTBank Affiliate.

#2: Information Marketing Business:
Information is also known as Content production, in this business you sell your experience (Knowledge) and it has not stock limitation, hence you are alive the business exist. To make it a less stressful Job and a profitable business, you would need a Website or Professional Blog.

Find your niche (category) and contact us to help you get started.

#3 Online Network Marketing:

A typical example of online network marketing is VTU Business and here in Nigeria, we have many VTU Business platforms to choose to join,  Learn their compensation plan and other terms of use before signing up.

Exampless of Online Network Marketing under VTU Business are;

  • RechargeAndGetPaid RAGP.
  • TopupandEarn. 
  • VTUPass. 
  • VTUKing
  • etc
Next, is not you and many young people are already doing it... 

#4: E-commerce Business:

E-commerce business simply means selling online, we might know of big companies making it big on E-commerce Business like Amazon, Alibaba,  AliExpress,  Jumia Online Store. and many more. 

Most of them also started small and doing mini delivery until they became big and start using high software to operate. You too can start your e-commerce business with just a facebook page or a wordpress blog using woocommerce. 

Final Tips:

There are other meaningful online business, just make research and start the one you love and that would turn out big. 

* You would fail but do not quit. 

* You would make money, use it wisely. 

Learn from expert in your field and grow strong.