Have you ever wish of doing something that would help you get a better life but you keep procrastinating on doing that thing and you don't just know how to stop or avoid procrastination.

In this article, I am going to show you my step by step method to avoid procrastination and get things done faster....

Usually, I love to wait for perfect time to get things done and that would make me keep saying "Tomorrow I would do it" "I am not yet ready" "I don't have the time" "It is Very Expensive".

All this has kept me from achieving my goals and I end up not doing anything at all for that day, sometimes I press my phone all day and forget to do things on time and procrastinate my work to the next day.

One big secret to overcome Procrastinate is to identify what is holding you and crush it. - kill the distraction.

Another secret is to do it Now and get the reward. - there is no perfect time other than now.

3 Art To Master To Overcome Procrastination

First understand that Overcoming Procrastination is not easy and would not be easy for you when starting out on the exercise of stopping it .

Here are 3 Master Art To Use To Overcome Procrastination:

  1. Do It Now.
  2. Start It Anyhow.
  3. Set Deadline.
I would call this formula DSS, You know that force called DSS and how they behave, so try to remind yourself of DSS and be afraid of the side effects. 


If you keep saying later I would do it, the later time would not come, and there is no perfect time other than now,  you want to have all the money to get it done when you know student are generally know as broke child. Lol 😂

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The only reason you do not want to do it Now is because you do not know how to start.

That would give us a leap to the second formula, the Art of Starting AnyHow Right Now.

#2: Start It AnyHow

Here is where more intelligent student do not like to hear, they want to start as the best and get the best results.

But when that is stopping you from achieving your goals and keep procrastinating things, it is better to start anyhow and improve on it. Many popular motivational speaker would tell you to start with the difficult task first and do the easiest task last to be happy. That tricks sometimes do not work for me, I start with the simple task and get motivated to do the hardest task. Know what works best for you other than following general saying.


"In a city there is no rule, there is no sin"
When you do not have limited time for specific task, you would keep procrastinating until you discovered that there is no more time. Set action and realistic goals and keep a smart time frame to get it done.

Final Tips

Use the Acronym D.S.S to remember today and get things done faster.