Are you A Teacher, School Owner or Lecturer?

I know that the ongoing situation affected your teaching business badly, this 2020 is kind of Not favourable for some business owner.

Now we are already in this ethic situation and we are looking for possible alternatives to do the things we usually do and also profit as usual.

In this article, I am going to be sharing with you some good teaching software and website to use to teach online.

Teaching Online Website For Schools

#1: Teachable

#2: Udemy

#3: Thinkific

#4: LearnPress

#5: Lifter LMS

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Teachable is an Online Learning Management System for Course Creators and Teachers. It is a stand alone software which means it can operate without an external host. It has a limit free trial version but the paid (premium) version is what the real features and benefits are delivered.


Udemy is the top educational site for instructors to upload their course and for students to learn in a trusted online platform, udemy work on shared revenue, that is you (instructor) only pay when a student purchase your course. Check out more on