InterswitchSPAK 5.0 Online CruxCBT Guidelines 2023 [VIDEO]
See How to Write or Participate in the InterswitchSPAK 5.0 Online Crux Computer Based Test (CBT) for Senior Secondary Schools Two (SSS2) Students for the 2023 Session [ WATCH ONLINE INSTRUCTIONAL VIDEO].

Following the announcement of the date for the commencement of the InterswitchSPAK 5.0 Online CruxCBT, the organizers has published the detailed guidelines for all schools and students who will be participating in the online computer based test for 2023 session.

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InterswitchSPAK 5.0 Online CruxCBT Exam Guidelines 2023 [VIDEO]

  1. Kindly Log in to your InterswitchSPAK registered e-mail, check your inbox for your login credentials. i.e your email and password from InterswitchSPAK address ''POSTMASTER'' with the title ''CruxCBT''. If not found, kindly check your spam folder. 
  2. Check and copy your login credentials from the e-mail
  3. Visit or click on the url from the e-mail to redirect you to the CruxCBT website.
  4. Click on login and enter the login details, that's your username and password sent to your mail.
  5. Click on login.
  6. You get a prompt showing you the examination.
  7. Click on Take Test
  8. Carefully read the instructions thereafter, select the checkbox to confirm your successfully read the instructions
  9. Select DEMO Test to get familiar with the site, you will get a prompt to allow access to your camera and microphone. 
  10. You should allow, click on Submit to submit DEMO TEST
  11. Click on BACK to Test Button. Click on the check box to ascertain you have read all instructions Carefully click on the take test button to take the test.
  12. Answer questions and click on Save and next to proceed to the next page or question.
  13. Once you've successfully answered the questions, click on Submit.
  14. You will be redirected to a page that shows the number of attempted questions.
  15. You will be notified that your results will be sent to your email.
  16. Click on Accept.
  17. You get another prompt click on Accept and Logout
  18. Your results will be sent to your mail at the appropriate time.


NB: InterswitchSPAK 5.0 Online CruxCBT has been scheduled to hold from Wednesday 7th to Wednesday 14th June, 2023.

You have a choice of three (3) days to pick from (between 8am -6pm) to write the examination.