InterswitchSPAK TV Quiz Competition Guidelines 2023 | Stage II
InterswitchSPAK 5.0 TV Quiz Competition Stage Two Guidelines and Breakdown for 2022/2023 Edition | InterswitchSPAK Tv Quiz Show.
Congratulations for being one of the 81 students (with the highest scores) among the Year II Science Students in Nigeria who wrote the qualifying examination for the InterswitchSPAK TV Quiz Competition; the top 81 students have qualified for and are now invited to participate at the stage II of the competition; a 10-day rigorous but fun-filled experience.

With a 5-year Tertiary institute scholarship worth 7.5Million at stake (5year scholarship) at stake, the InterswitchSPAK National Science Competition 5.0 promises to be a competitive one: which will be recorded and broadcast on Television across Nigeria and Africa.

Please note that there are two (2) categories of students expected for Stage II;
  • Q - Qualified candidates (students who made the highest scores in the National Qualifying Examination)
  • PQ – the students who tied at the National Qualifying Examination. They are expected to write a prequalification examination on arrival to break the ties. The candidates who scale through would join the other qualified candidates to make up a total of 81 Top candidates.

Day 0 - Arrival of Candidates/ Validation

  1. All qualified candidates (Q & PQ) are expected to arrive at the venue sent to them on or by 10 a.m.
  2. Candidates are expected to provide original credentials for sighting only on arrival to revalidate their claims
  3. Registration and data capturing of students begin upon arrival.
  4. Pre- Qualification examination will hold on the same day.

InterswitchSPAK MasterClass

Day 1 - InterswitchSPAK MasterClass Session

As part of the program designed to further develop the minds of these outstanding students, there will be an InterswitchSPAK MasterClass where top notch Speakers will take turns to interact and share real – life experiences with the students thereby laying a foundation for a solid career in Sciences for them.
  • The Speakers will be led by Mitchell Elegbe (The Group Managing Director of Interswitch Group) and various life- changing topics such as “Emotional Intelligence vs. Intelligence Quotient” will be discussed.
  • This will be a full day session spiced with tasks/ games.
  • The prequalification Examination results will be announced after the MasterClass when those students who scaled through this stage get to join the other qualified candidates to make 81.
  • These shortlisted 81 students will be split into 9 groups of 9 students each to work on 9 different pre-selected science-based projects.
See more details here. 

InterswitchSPAK Project

Day 2 - 4 - InterswitchSPAK Project

  • At this stage of the competition, these students from 9 groups will be given science-based topics/projects relating to solving identified current societal issues in the country. This, the project sessions would revolve around the application of their knowledge of science in solving real life issues.
  • Each group will develop a presentation at the InterswitchSPAK lab and present their project as a group on the main TV Show. Afterwards, a Panel will review all the nine (9) projects based on agreed yardstick i.e. creativity, relevance, presentation and knowledge to determine the overall best project for the season 2.0.
  • This winning group will qualify for the Founder’s Award
    • The Founder’s award is a special recognition where the winning team (of 9 students) will have the rare opportunity of meeting with top officials of InterswitchSPAK and other industry Leaders at a dinner where they will be awarded individual cash gifts.

TV Recording

Day 5 - 10 - The main TV recording commences

  • Each of the 9 groups will have students compete amongst themselves to determine the three (3) qualifiers from each group that would move into the next round until the final where the overall Best STEM student would emerge.
  • There will be various awards/educational scholarships for the outstanding Students, Schools, Teachers and the States Ministry of Education.
  • The InterswitchSPAK stage II will focus on General Sciences, Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, and Biology. However, good understanding of Geography, ICT and General knowledge will be of great advantage.

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